Angry wife irks husband over a botched haircut in “Harapan Kay Mamang”

Differences, conflicts and arguments are part and parcel of married life.


For the couple Wilson and Lady Villanueva, an innocent task of a wife shaving her husband’s hair caused a terrible rift between them—an issue brought to the doorstep of the “Pambansang Kapitbahay” Pokwang in “Harapan Kay Mamang, Saturday, May 30 on Online Kapamilya Shows.


Because of the scorching weather, Wilson had asked his wife Lady to shave off his unwanted hair given that barbershops are closed during the Enhanced Community Quarantine. But Lady failed to trim it the way Wilson wanted it, leaving the scalp partly bald at the top of the forehead.


Lady would then whine about Wilson’s not appreciating her efforts and not trusting her, while the latter charged that she always insists on what she wants.


The couple would then express long held grudges, such as the husband being so vain and proud, and would always leave their home to hang out with friends, and the wife “bullying” him and being so demanding. And both would admit they would always end up in misunderstandings and petty fights since they would annoy each other with their peskiness.


But in the end, with Mamang Pokwang’s guidance, Lady emphasized that she is always gives in and tries to patch things up with her husband amid a conflict so that the issue doesn’t worsen. And Wilson also acknowledged his shortcomings in terms of attitude and vows to change for a “happy wife, happy life.”


To avoid any conflict, Lady said they must always put God as the center of their relationship, remember how their relationship started and how they came to love each other deeply as a married couple. Wilson, meanwhile, said they should treat each other equally and help each other correct their wrongful deeds.


Mamang Pokwang would give her “Sana All” advice to “stop, look, and listen” when they would quarrel. They should first “stop” their fight momentarily, “look” at how the incident is affecting them, and “listen” to what the other party feels or says about the issue. Love should prevail and not let petty clashes overwhelm them, she advised, given the crisis we are in.


She would echo an oft-repeated quote as a takeaway from the episode: “Ang pag-aasawa ay hindi parang mainit na kanin na ‘pag sinubo mo pwede mong iluwa.” Then adds: “Sa hirap ng buhay ngayon, lunukin mo na ‘yung kanin, at huwag nang humingi ng extra rice.”


Watch more of this episode of Harapan Kay Mamang” with the Pambansang Kapitbahay Pokwang in this video.


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