Harapan Kay Mamang  | Episode 1

Love conquers all, they say. But how does one keep sane in love while the whole world is in the midst of a crisis and protocols such as lockdown and social distancing are imposed? This is exactly the dilemma of 22-year-old Paola whose trust issues and fear are triggered by the struggles of being away from boyfriend Michael. Luckily, the couple managed to handle their ‘LQ in the time of ECQ.’ Thanks to Mamang Pokwang who helped them resolve their misunderstanding on the pilot episode of “Harapan Kay Mamang.”

Paola is admittedly a jealous type and a bisexual. She used to have relationships with fellow females until a change of heart happened. And she met Michael, a foreign marine engineer on training in the Philippines, through social media. Their love story was a case of love at first ‘like.’ 

Four months in, the sweethearts are already going through slight relationship bumps mostly rooted from Paola’s past traumatic love experiences. According to Paola, the complainant in this episode, her boyfriend has been acting cold and distant the past week, driving her to crazy conclusions. Paola’s assumption about Michael flirting with other girls online has resulted in catfights. 

Pleading not guilty, Michael denied his girlfriend’s allegations. He further explained that he was suffering from a severe headache all throughout the week and that he is coping with the lockdown as well.  

A slight argument about sense of security and social media interactions heated up. Paola is obviously irked by Michael’s habit of following a lot of girls on Instagram and tapping the heart button on these photos. And while she’s admittedly overthinking at times, Paola believes that she wouldn’t be suspicious if Michael isn’t giving her reasons to act so.  Another issue bothering Paola is Michael’s casual exchange with his ex-girlfriend over social media.

Michael denied Paola’s conclusion, saying he is not keeping a secret nor communicating with other women. He said he understands Paola’s trust issue that’s why he’s trying to assure her all the time. 

Pokwang discussed the pair’s third subject of disagreement, which is, allegedly, Paola’s dad and grandfather’s distaste towards Michael. According to Paola, her family got slightly mad when Michael almost violated the household’s curfew hours. Further, she feels offended, as Michael isn’t introducing her to his family.

To clear things up, Michael justified that his family is not in the Philippines and he is simply waiting for the perfect time. When asked about his future plans, Michael expressed his wish to find a stable job in the Philippines so he could always be close to Paola.

The lovers finally arrived in a resolution through Mamang Pokwang’s helpful perspective. Sharing a piece of her love expertise sharpened by her 5-year relationship with her husband, Pokwang reminded Paola and Michael to always be understanding and supportive of one another. “You both came from different culture so each one needs to adjust. You need each other. You can survive this as long as there is love, trust, and respect,” she further highlighted.  

Paolo and Michael finally kiss and makeup. He tried to soothe her insecurities and called her a blessing in his life. Paola, in return, expressed appreciation for her beau’s efforts to change his ways and make their relationship stronger.

Ending the episode, Mamang Pokie left viewers with a golden quote for the day, “Ang pagsasabi ng tapat ay pagsasama ng maluwat.”

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