Pokwang turned emotional while mediating in a mother-daughter conflict in “Harapan Kay Mamang”

Filipinos regard spaghetti, especially when made extra sweet, as a comfort food. It’s always been a big traditional part of Pinoy occasions and even ordinary snack times at home. But what’s supposed to be just another sweet spaghetti bonding ended up in a mother-daughter quarrel at the Alaan residence. This scenario came to the attention of our resident mediator, Mamang Pokwang, who willingly got in the middle of the disputing parties and helped resolve the conflict, in this episode of “Harapan Kay Mamang.”

On one corner of this mother-daughter clash is 24-year-old complainant Katrina Alaan, who brought up the case of her mom’s awful-tasting spaghetti with pineapple recipe. Their different takes on the experimental dish then exploded into a bigger argument, with both parties bringing up their personal issues against one another.

Apparently, Katrina and her 61-year-old Mommy Ermie’s sentiments are rooted from bottled up issues like their opposing personalities. Mommy Ermie turned emotional while sharing the difficulties of being the breadwinner. She’s not happy that her effort to provide for the family’s daily sustenance is often reciprocated with hurtful bickering with her daughter.

Mommy Ermie’s heartfelt confession brought Katrina to tears and prompted her to admit her own shortcomings. “Thankful ako kasi nandiyan si Mama to support at ginagawa niya lahat to meet the needs of our family. Alam ko na may pagkukulang din ako.” 

Moreover, the generation gap between Mommy Ermie and Katrina always make things worse. For instance, Katrina’s love for minimalist interior is a stark contrast with Mommy Ermie’s penchant for buying lavish household items and decorating the house with over-the-top, non-harmonic elements. Add to that their opposing wake-time and nighttime schedule. The differences made Mommy Ermie realize how raising kids in this millennial era is double the hard work and challenges, especially now that the pandemic is stirring financial stress.

The third issue to be resolved was Katrina’s secret relationship with her boyfriend. Trying to justify her actions, Katrina said that she lied about her boyfriend due to fear of judgment specifically over their 10-year age gap. And growing up, she hasn’t been used to communicating openly with her mom. Mommy Ermie clarified that she has learned to welcome Katrina’s relationship.

Katrina and Mommy Ermie finally patched things up, and expressed how thankful and proud they are of one another. Katrina thanked her mom for always praying for them and providing for the family. In return, Mommy Ermie said she’s proud of her cum laude daughter and thanked Katrina for being her constant source of smiles. The dutiful mother also wished that Katrina’s deepest desires might be granted.

The scene reminded Mama Pokwang of her own mother who is battling with Alzheimer’s disease, and of her own struggles in raising a teenage daughter. She related the golden Filipino saying, “Walang ina na pinangarap mapahamak ang anak.”

Ending the episode, Pokwang left viewers with this quotable quote, “Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan, eh ‘di ‘wag! Walang pilitan!”

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