Longtime BFFs in catfight over lost wallet in Harapan Kay Mamang

Two close friends since college turned co-workers engaged in a heated confrontation over a lost wallet that turned physical—a case brought to the attention of our “pambansang kapitbahay,” Pokwang in Harapan Kay Mamang” on (OKS) Online Kapamilya Shows last Saturday, June 6.


Felix “Sasa” Patate and Red Lazo were longtime friends until the latter pulled off a cruel prank on the former. While they were on break from work, Sasa noticed his wallet was missing. He told Mamang Pokwang that he was anxious and desperate to find it, considering kept his money and valuable belongings in it. He said he scoured their office building, from the first to fourth floor to search for his wallet, to no avail. Until he discovered that it was Red who hid it intentionally from him.


Sasa said he was so furious at Red that their verbal exchange turned into a violent “catfight.” Red said Sasa pulled his hair and really got physical. After the altercation, their team leader summoned them for a verbal reprimand or “coaching.” Since then, their friendship shattered, and had since been not in speaking terms. Sasa had since resigned from the company, while Red remained saying it helped him grow even more socially, as he won more friends than ever before.


But when they appeared on Harapan Kay Mamang,” Sasa and Red had the chance to vent their anger towards each other, airing their grudges one by one, detailing specific incidents wherein they felt offended by their actions.


However, when Mamang asked both of them what they missed about each other since they went separate ways, both softened up and became appreciative of the roles they had in each other’s lives as friends.


Sasa recalled it was Red who always there for him even in the worst of times and that both he and Red faced problems together, and had worked out most of their differences in the past. He said he hoped they would “meet halfway” in settling their rift.


For his part, Red also thanked Sasa for being a very supportive friend and appealed to him to become more responsible with his life decisions because he has always looked up to him and relied on him when he makes his own.


To save their friendship, Sasa called on Red not to be selfish, while Red asked him to be more open with him.


In the end, Mamang Pokie told Sasa and Red that true friends are hard to find—those who will stay beside you through thick and thin, those who truly accept you for what you are, and those who cheer you on to become better versions of yourself. And she advised them not to waste this kind of friendship; it must be treasured forever. Despite Sasa and Red’s conflict, Mamang Pokwang said she still sees love in their friendship that is truly worth saving.


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