Girl housemates in squabble over expenses from online shopping on Harapan Kay Mamang

Harapan Kay Mamang” on Online Kapamilya Shows really has been a relevant platform for reconciliation. We may find entertainment in each episode but what the show really aims is to make the people involved in a certain issue realize their shortcomings and resolve their issues. 

Fresh college graduates took to the show their grievances. They have been living in the same house since their college days, but since then, it has been the two girls versus the other one.

The main issues brought up were all pertaining to Kyara. The first one talked about was the habit of Kyara, which is usually ordering stuff online but not leaving any money for payment. As a result, Rhycie and Thea would always be forced to pay using their own money. 

Another concern is that it would always take Kyara a long time to pay her roommates. So Thea and Rhycie think it’s really reasonably inconvenient for them. Kyara, on the other hand, says that what she buys are not only for her own use, but for all of them actually. She insists that both Rhycie and Thea would use the things she buys anyway, such as the kitchen pots and the mop. 

Kyara also argues that even though it would take her a long time to pay them, she would give excess cash, which Rhycie opposes. Kyara says she couldn’t pay them right away because she needs to send money to her family in Boracay, since their house got recently destroyed by Typhoon Ursula, leaving her parents without jobs. 

When Pokwang asked the two if they understand the situation of Kyara, they said they do, but it’s just that they did not know about any of her explanations before because she would not speak up and tell them.

Another issue raised about Kyara was that she never helps the two girls in the household chores when in fact, all of them have work to do. However, Kyara says that even though they both claim that they do the household chores, it’s always sloppy work so she would still repeat what they have already done. 

Given the difficult and tough situation we are all in because of the pandemic, the three admit it has been financially difficult for them to provide for their own selves and for their families as well. Rhycie has no work at the moment. Thea and Kyara meanwhile have to send money to their families.