Sylvia learns she is innocent in “Hanggang Saan”


Justice has finally caught up with Sonya (Sylvia Sanchez) after she found another piece of evidence that confirms she did not kill Edward Lamoste (Eric Quizon) in “Hanggang Saan.”


After the gun that killed Edward has been found, she then discovered that the bullet she fired the night Edward died did not hit the man after all, but instead went straight into an image of the Virgin Mary — a solid proof that she is innocent.


But her newfound hope comes with a price as Georgette (Maxine Medina) died after an encounter with Jacob’s (Ariel Rivera) men, who tried to stop her from bringing the gun that killed Edward to the crime lab and halt the investigation.


With this tragedy, Paco (Arjo Atayde) is more determined to fight for justice not only for his mother, but also for his late girlfriend to make Jacob pay for all his sins.


Will they be able to get the justice they deserve?


Sylvia learns she is innocent in Hanggang Saan  1


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