Understanding the true meaning of Lent as shown on Hanggang Saan


Holy week—a time for seafood, because most meats are temporarily off limits; a chance to go on a trip, because it’s summer and there’s a long weekend. But while movies about Jesus replace regular programming and Catholics prepare their Palm branches, have Filipinos forgotten the true meaning of Lent? As a drama about the battle between good and evil, Hanggang Saan can help every Kapamilya reflect on the morals behind the holiday.



There is no greater sacrifice than putting your own life on the line to save another. When Roman tried to cut a deal with Paco in exchange for much needed evidence and his testimony, Jacob didn’t take the betrayal lightly. The villain was quick to gun down his once partner-in-crime. Shots continued to fire, but this didn’t stop Paco from making a run for Roman’s files, all because he will do anything to clear his mother’s name. And as Domeng sees the shooter aim for Paco, he willingly takes the bullet for his older brother.




Forgiving your enemy is one of the hardest things to do. Sonya was separated from her two sons because she had to spend time in prison for a crime she did not commit. But after all that was said and done, when Jean came to her for help, she forgave her accuser. Sonya chose to let go of her anger, knowing that they are both victims.


Second Chances


There is such a thing as the right time and place. All hope seemed lost when Paco and Anna broke up, but good fate has not completely forsaken him. As if it was written in the stars, he soon realizes that Georgette has stuck by him throughout this whole tragedy. It didn’t work out between them while they were in college, and now they are in the middle of a battle for justice, but this second chance seems more perfect than ever.


Unconditional Love


There are more ways than one on how to love someone. Georgette has passed away, but Paco hasn’t forgotten her. He still often thinks of her and would even make promises to her. Meanwhile, Anna still has feelings for Paco. But thinking that he doesn’t feel the same way, she is prepared to love him from afar. She is happy just helping him.




Life will throw all sorts of challenges in our way, but a prayer can go a long way. After seeing how her sons have grown and matured, Sonya approaches the church altar on her knees. She talks about her gratitude for being blessed because Paco is smart and Domeng is loving. She then asks for strength because now she’s ready to pay for her sins.