Hanggang saan ang kanyang kasamaan? 5 times Jacob tried to get away with murder

We, Filipinos, believe in the idiom “nasa loob ang kulo”, which pertains to a person who usually exudes tranquil and pleasant demeanor, but bursts out severely or actually possesses a hidden, vile personality.


Just like Hanggang Saan’s Jacob Montecillo, played by prized singer-actor Ariel Rivera, who introduced himself as a man with a kind heart and clear intentions to the family left behind by his deceased best friend and business partner Edward Lamoste (Eric Quizon). However, as the story continues to unfold, it was discovered that he’s a traitor and the real suspect.  He is indeed a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Now that he has executed another contemptible plan to avenge against his enemies, led by Paco (Arjo Atayde) and Anna (Sue Ramirez), by abducting their mothers, let’s go back to the five techniques he did to escape the consequences of the crime he committed.

What’s more massive and overwhelming way to finish all your foes than gradually killing them by simultaneously jeopardizing their lives? The Alipio’s residence was set on fire by throwing a lit bottle of liquid gas, the hoses of the LPG’s in Anna’s restaurant were stealthily cut by an unknown perpetrator, and the law office where Paco works experienced an ear-splitting explosion caused by a bomb placed inside a mysterious box.

Making this grand scheme more unbelievable is that all of these were done while the mastermind was lying comfortably inside the jail!

Throwing the stronger evidence, in this case is Edward’s gun, somewhere where it couldn’t be retrieved is not a new tactic anymore since it’s been done in movies and TV series we have watched. But Jacob was confident that by doing it, Sonya (Sylvia Sanchez) would remain serving the sentence that should be for him from the very start.


With the Alipio’s camp on the brink of winning the case, our main antagonist began to get anxious and thought of finally carrying out a dirty tactic – bribing the judge. His lawyer expressed uncertainty regarding it, but he insisted that ‘everyone has a price’. Desperate times call for desperate measures indeed.


In order to defend himself, Jacob imparted what according to him took place that moment Edward urged him to kill him with his own gun in order for the latter’s family to claim his insurance money, as testimony. He purportedly refused to do it because he didn’t want to get included in the complicated narrative.

This, of course, was not accepted by Anna.


As he tried to escape from the authorities by fleeing out of the country with his wife Jean (Teresa Loyzaga). But, when they were in the port, he had an inkling that it was an entrapment operation and the exchange of fires between him and the operatives. Unfortunately, Jean was accidentally hit by the bullet that was supposed to be for Jacob.

Will Jacob successfully get away with murder? Or will he forever pay the price of his misdeeds and maybe change his ways? Let’s find out in the remaining episodes in the finale week of Hanggang Saan, weekdays after Asintado on Kapamilya Gold.