96.2% of poll respondents believe Paco and Anna will rekindle their love in Hanggang Saan


Aside from the inspirational and heartwarming tale of a family’s quest for justice towards the light of their home’s appalling involvement in a crime, what makes Hanggang Saan an exciting watch is the unmistakable chemistry of Arjo Atayde and Sue Ramirez as lovers-turned-friends Paco and Anna.


Due to the complexity of their situation, Paco’s mom Sonya (Sylvia Sanchez) was jailed for being the prime suspect in the murder of Anna’s dad Edward Lamoste (Eric Quizon), they found it difficult to keep their relationship and decided to call it quits.


They treaded on separate paths, with Anna accompanying her mother Jean (Teresa Loyzaga) to Seattle to undergo physical therapy, while Paco continuing his fight for Sonya’s freedom as a novice lawyer. With miles and timezones taking them apart from each other, they were table to find new flame – he reunited with his ex-girlfriend Attorney Georgette Sandiego (Maxine Medina) while she found new love in Archie (Marco Gumabao).


With Georgette’s tragic death and Archie letting Anna go, these gave a glint of hope for PaNa (Paco and Anna) shippers to see them back in each other’s arms.

96 2 of poll respondents believe Paco and Anna will rekindle their love in Hanggang Saan 1


Thus, when we published a Kapamilya Poll asking the netizens if they are still optimistic for the star-crossed lovers to rekindle their impeded affair, it’s not a surprise that 96.2% voted for “OO” (or yes) for they truly believe in their unending love for one another. Meanwhile, 3.8% think otherwise because for them, they’re better off as friends.


Will there be a second chance for Paco and Anna? Let’s find out in the forthcoming episodes of Hanggang Saan, weekdays after Asintado on Kapamilya Gold.