5 times Sonya showed love and sacrifice as a mom In Hanggang Saan

A mother's love is arguably the most constant affection we could ever experience in our whole lifetime.

Through thick and thin and the ups and downs of life, our mothers have consistently stayed by our side and kept on supporting and protecting us regardless of the things we do.

However, what if she's the one who erred and needs our support? Can we exert the same degree of love and care to her?

That's what Hanggang Saan wants us to answer as it demonstrated on how a family's love and faith are able overcome the challenges they're facing.

As the afternoon soap opera approaches its much-anticipated end this week, here are some of the moments when Sonya, portrayed by veteran actress Sylvia Sanchez, demonstrated to what extent she can fight for the people dear to her.


Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Just like when Sonya pleaded Edward to give back the money she invested on his business so she could use it for her ailing son. She would not give in to Edward’s request to kill him with his own gun so that his family will have a brighter future. But things turned out not the way she wanted.

Amidst the head-wrecking stress the trial had brought to her, Sonya was able to muster enough courage to wholly narrate what happened the night Edward Lamoste (Eric Quizon) died. Pain was evident in her eyes and voice, which her son-cum-lawyer had to disregard as an act of professionalism.

Being the sole witness to the shooting, Asyong (Nanding Josef), the cemetery caretaker, volunteered to testify for Sonya. However, she declined his offer and told him to just divulge where he hid the gun.

As Domeng (Yves Flores) and Paco's (Arjo Stayed) lives get endangered after being allegedly assassinated by Jacob (Ariel Rivera), Sonya courageously confronted and threatened him that they would continue unraveling his vile deeds.

With all the blessings -- guidance, wisdom, and good heart -- that God continues to outpour to their family despite the sin she supposedly committed. Sonya expressed how grateful she is and lifted everything up to Him.

Will the peace and happiness she's been dreaming of for their family underway? Is her unwavering love for her children enough to spare them from Jacob's viciousness?

Don't miss the final episode of Hanggang Saan on Friday, April 27 after Asintado on Kapamilya Gold.