Maxine Medina’s winning stint in Hanggang Saan


After making us proud with her Top 6 finish in the Miss Universe 2016, beauty queen Maxine Medina has stunned us anew with her teleserye debut in Hanggang Saan.


She plays the gorgeous and intellectual Attorney Georgette San Diego, a freelance lawyer who assisted her classmate in law school and ex-boyfriend Paco Alipio (Arjo Atayde) in proving the innocence of his mom Sonya (Sylvia Sanchez) in the murder case charged against her.


Since her surprising first appearance in January, spectators have been thrilled with her every scene, especially her face-offs with Sue Ramirez’s character Anna and romantic moments with the leading man.


However, the beauty queen actress had to strut her way out of the afternoon soap opera as her character got killed in an encounter. As we bid goodbye to her, let’s take a look back on her remarkable moments in the show.


Complementing with co-actors


For a rookie, the audiences found Maxine’s acting very laudable, such as in this scene where she was able to keep pace with promising actress Sue with her antagonistic demeanor. They praised how intimidating and sophisticated she was, which even seem to make her co-actors dumbfounded.


Effortless dramatic flair


It’s not only in confrontations that she was good at, but in dramatic scenes as well. Behold how she easily let those tears roll down her face and managed to still look good beautiful while crying!


Antagonistic prowess


With her ability to exude different emotions effortlessly, it’s actually unbelievable that this was just her first-time to embark on television acting. From anger to gloom, she could indeed nail it!


A lovelorn lady’s pain


Maxine once again showed off her acting chops in this scene where she confessed her undying feelings for Paco and incorporated a few legal terms in her admission. We felt the pain, girl!


An effective leading lady


Throughout her stint in the program, we usually see her in great despair. Finally, we got to see the lighter and sappy side of Atty. Georgette in this moment when her thwarted romance with his ex-turned client got rekindled in a snap. She could be good leading lady, right?