5 times Arjo Atayde broke our hearts as Paco in Hanggang Saan


In his six years in the local entertainment industry, we have witnessed the different facets of Arjo Atayde from being a kindhearted man to becoming a notorious baddie.


And in his present series Hanggang Saan, we got enamored not only by his captivating handsomeness, but by his character Paco’s huge love for the people he holds dear to his heart and his unbelievable courage to fight for what’s right and just as well, even though it took his mom away from them.


As the afternoon soap opera we devotedly watched for five months since its premier in November of last year will come to its thrilling end this week, let’s reminisce some of the most poignant moments of our mighty knight-in-shining armor that depict his unwavering admiration for his loved ones.



His romance with Attorney Georgette San Diego (Maxine Medina) went way back from their law school days and was rekindled when they worked together for the case of his mother Sonya (Sylvia Sanchez). Thus, it struck Paco so much when she died immediately after getting ambushed since he didn’t only lose a lover, but a friend and a comrade as well.



Although their breakup severely hurt them both, ex-lovers Paco and Anna had remained good friends. In fact, it was him who she contacted first when hired killer Dindo held her as hostage, to which he immediately responded.


Killing the perpetrator wasn’t his plan, but being taunted of having a weak heart and threatening the life of Domeng anew pushed him to pull the trigger.



Jacob’s (Ariel Rivera) ruthlessness is taking a severe toll on their family. His fury made him so determined to break the law he should be championing in order to spare his mom and younger brother Domeng (Yves Flores) from imminent danger.



Ending a relationship is absolutely a tough job to do.


Paco and Anna found it hard to let their romance thrive as the trial for the latter’s murdered father went on, with the former’s mother being considered as the prime suspect. Thus, they mutually agreed to break up and part ways for good.



After not seeing her for a very long time and tirelessly waiting at their meeting place, Paco was so enthusiastic when he spotted Anna from afar and ran towards her. He embraced her with all his might and kissed her passionately.


However, his excitement withered upon seeing the sadness painted onto her face and hearing her say that she didn’t love him anymore.


Are Paco’s sacrifices and efforts enough to finally attain the harmony and justice they’ve been fighting for? Let’s see on the finale week of Hanggang Saan, weekdays after Asintado.