3 scenes Yves Flores impressed us with his portrayal of Domeng on Hanggang Saan

From the time he captured our attention on Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4 in 2012 until he subsequently landed important roles in films and teleseryes, Yves Flores continues to impress us with his deep portrayals and riveting performances.


Yet, we are even more astounded with how Yves has matured as an actor with his exceptional showing on the stirring drama Hanggang Saan, wherein he plays Domeng, the ever loving and dedicated son of Sonya (Sylvia Sanchez).


Here are three of Yves’s most unforgettable and acclaimed scenes on the afternoon teleserye that really moved and gripped us.


As police are ready to take Sonya into custody over her supposed involvement in the death of Edward (Eric Quizon), Domeng shows how much he loves his mother by refusing to let her go, leaving fellow actors on the scene and the viewers to tears. We witness how he intensely and naturally evoked the feelings of a son losing a mother to circumstances beyond his control.


As Jacob continuously fires his gun at the direction of Paco, Domeng realizes that the fiendish murderer will soon hit his brother and dashes towards him. He gets hit while shielding his brother from the gunfire and falls unconscious as Paco embraces him on the ground. Paco then suffers a heart attack as the shocking events unfolded and Jacob flees as police arrive with Sonya. Sonya is devastated seeing both her fallen sons. This scene reveals Yves believable, touching depiction of a loving brother, who’ll lay down his life for his sibling.


After a witty text exchange, Domeng finally had the strength to confess what he truly felt for Nessa (Maris Racal). Using Paco’s phone, he calls her and tells her how much he loves her by saying “I love you” repeatedly. This shocked Nessa so much that it left her speechless. In this scene, Yves shows his thrilling and vibrant romantic side, even a comical turn, that brings kilig and delight to viewers.


Watch Yves and the rest of the outstanding cast of Hanggang Saan on its final week right after Asintado on Kapamilya Gold.