5 stirring moments of Sue Ramirez as Anna in Hanggang Saan


In her twenties, Anna Montecillo (Sue Ramirez) is the epitome of a typical millennial – strong, independent, and incorrigible. She knows what she wants and ready to fight for it no matter what it takes.


However, just like any human being, this unstoppable lass has her weaknesses – family and love – as we witnessed her hardships in facing the truth behind her father’s death and setting aside her own interests for the sake of her beloved mother.
As we bid goodbye to the outgoing and steadfast character we all admired in Hanggang Saan, let’s take a look back on five of her most astounding moments in the afternoon soap opera.



Saying farewell to someone you loved with all of your heart is definitely painful. 
Following the arrest of Sonya (Sylvia Sanchez), who was considered the prime suspect in the murder of her father Edward Lamoste (Eric Quizon), Anna had to endure the pain of breaking up with Paco (Arjo Atayde) to not make things worse for all of them and just obey what her mother Jean (Teresa Loyzaga) advised her. And before they parted ways for good, they shared a tight hug and a passionate kiss.




Now that her ex-beau is in the arms of another woman, seeing them together left our main girl bitter. It was kind of evident in her fiery face-off with Atty. Georgette San Diego, the-lawyer-slash-new girlfriend of Paco wherein she assumed that they were stalking her regarding the case.



Seeing the person alleged as the killer of her father face-to-face was heartbreaking and nerve-racking. But Anna was able to muster enough strength and courage to visit Sonya in jail and asked for an explanation regarding the crime she committed. She burst out all the anger she had kept in herself, which was inflicted by her dad’s death and her split with Paco.



As evidences spread that Jacob (Ariel Rivera) was the real culprit, he confronted Anna thinking that she’s the mastermind. However, she denied it and congratulated whoever did for successfully unraveling the true persona of her stepfather.
This angered him so much that he attempted to hit her with a fork. Fortunately, Anna was agile enough to aim a knife on him and threatened to kill him at point-blank if he moved wrongly against her. Go girl!



With her mom’s life put in danger because of her, our leading lady recalled the harsh treatments and hurtful words she threw at her and regretted every bit of it. She realized that everything Jean did and all her sacrifices was for her and she failed to see those because of her selfishness.


Will Anna’s camp finally attain the justice they’ve been fighting for? Will there be a happy ever after for her and Paco? Find out by watching the finale week of Hanggang Saan, weekdays after Asintado on Kapamilya Gold.