How Lino and Jacky honorably fought for love in Halik
How Lino and Jacky honorably fought for love in Halik 1

The story of Lino (Jericho Rosales) and Jacky (Yen Santos) in Halik proved that second chances do happen even if it seems impossible. Their journey taught us how to fight for love, the right way.
In the beginning, Lino and Jacky had a relationship people only dream of. They had a deep and strong foundation being childhood best friends and eventually became each other’s first love.

Perhaps, it wasn’t meant to be at first, with Jacky’s adoptive father Mauro (Romnick Sarmenta) opposing their relationship, making them drift apart. Years later, fate brought Lino and Jacky together again as they both attend a furniture expo in Bali. They reconciled and Jacky forgave Lino for not having the courage to fight for their love in the past. Spending a few days with each other because of they work in the same industry, Lino and Jacky were drawn to each other. However, they knew that what they had is in already finished and they both now have a future to work on with their respective spouses.

Jacky’s husband Ace Corpuz (Sam Milby) saw them together in Bali and jealousy sparked in Ace’s heart. This caused him to start plotting against Lino. Seeing that being reconnected with each other is becoming unhealthy for both of them, Lino chose to keep his distance.  He decided to peacefully cut his ties with Jacky to avoid any conflict that their friendship might bring them.

But no matter how hard they try to avoid each other, fate kept on bringing them back together. Lino and Jacky unexpectedly met each other again in Cebu. And when Barry (Christian Bables) accidentally told Jade (Yam Concepcion) that Lino is with Jacky, Jade got extremely jealous.

Jade continued to get paranoid over Lino and Jacky and accused them of having an affair. When Jade saw them together one day, she snapped and made an impulsive decision to separate from Lino and leave the Bartolome residence.

Lino and Jacky’s conflicts with their spouses piled up and along with it, working in the same industry has let them grow closer to each other. Their unexpected meet ups became frequent and because Jacky had no family to lean on, she sought for comfort which came in times when she was with Lino’s family. Eventually, Lino and Jacky found out about their spouses Ace and Jade’s Illicit affair.

Like what they say, everything happens for a reason. Having the same struggles and being able to relate with each other like no one else can, Lino and Jacky’s friendship came back. When Jacky asked for Lino for a favor, he also asked her to become part of his Dos Disenyos team. 

As co-workers, Lino and Jacky became even closer and everyone teased them for having a great tandem. But their deceitful spouses Ace and Jade still haunted them. Lino and Jacky learned about Ace and Jade’s scandalous sex video and they were even more crushed to know that Jade is bearing Lino’s child.

Although it breaks Jacky’s heart because she’s having feelings again for Lino, she convinced Lino to take responsibility for Jade and their baby. As an offspring of an illicit affair herself, Jacky saw her mom in Jade and saw herself in their baby.

In the midst of all the conflicts and heartbreaks between Lino and Jacky, a man named Yohan (Daniel Matsunaga) came. Yohan made Jacky smile again and gave her hope that she can start anew with somebody else. But his presence made Lino realize that he’s having feelings for Jacky as well.

However, Jacky couldn’t make things work between her and Yohan because she knew that it was Lino who truly rules her heart. Meanwhile, Lino tried to focus on Jade and their baby but because Jade has not changed her ways, Lino realized that he cannot give their marriage another chance.

As Jacky’s marriage to Ace was annulled, and Lino won his adultery case against Ace and Jade, they knew that the right time has finally come for them to be together again.

Although they already confessed their feelings, Lino and Jacky know that their fight for love and justice is not yet finished. As they continue to fight for what is right, and their former spouses still plaguing their lives, will Lino and Jacky be able to attain a peaceful and blissful life together in the end?

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