EXCLUSIVE: I am nothing like Ace; I’ll be faithful to my wife—Sam Milby

Sam Milby would like to make one thing clear: he is nothing like Ace Corpuz, his treacherous, two-timing character on Halik.

Well, no one can blame viewers of the phenomenal Primetime drama for not even trying to differentiate him from the despised and obnoxious womanizer and philanderer (add murderer into the equation!), and really just enjoying the hatred towards the character. 

It just goes to show how effective, believable and exceptional this Pinoy Big Brother pioneer and “Rockcoustic Heartthrob” has become as an actor.  

Sam reveals in an exclusive interview with Entertainment.ABS-CBN.com: “I have gotten some very friendly messages on IG and Twitter [saying]: ‘Mamatay ka na!’, ‘Pumunta ka sa harap ng ABS, laban tayo!,’ ‘Papatayin kita!,’” he emphasizes while laughing. 

Here, Sam draws the line. 

Very different


EXCLUSIVE I am nothing like Ace I ll be faithful to my wife Sam Milby 1

 “I’m very different from Ace,” Sam declares. “When I get married, I’m not going to be [like] Ace. I’m going to be very loyal sa asawa ko.

“I know that’s hard to say. Some married people would be like: ‘Oh, you don’t know that ‘cause you’re not married.’ I understand, but where I am in my life now, especially with my Christian walk, I just [think that when] that time [comes], I’m going to be faithful to her,” he added.

Sam further underscores, “Siyempre the way he (Ace) connives, wala siyang remorse. I have a guilty conscience. ‘Pag may ginawa akong kasalanan, I feel guilty. So that’s how we’re very different.
In fact, Sam says, the character is so distant that understanding Ace has become somewhat a burden for him and portraying it leaves him exhausted. 

Since this is a role that is much more evil, sometimes it does have an effect on me,” he related. “I have to admit, after having a long day of being Ace parang sobrang drained ako. I feel like, ‘yong pasensya ko mas konti from before. I just feel like I just want a break, I want to relax because we have been taping for over a year now. This is the first time I’ve been feeling more tired than normal from taping.

And this long haul allowed Sam to make an insightful analysis on the factors that led to his character’s down spiral. 

I just feel that, since he’s someone that never really had control over his own life… Very controlling ‘yong parents niya, his mom and his dad… I think he likes to take it out on the people that he can control like when he was with Jacky (Yen Santos),“ Sam pointed out. “He just needed that excitement that’s why he had the other women. With Jacky, it was kind of a forced thing that he liked the feeling that he had someone that was really there for him but he never really loved her. He didn’t love her the way like I feel that he loves Jade, the connection that they have.

Performance of his life


EXCLUSIVE I am nothing like Ace I ll be faithful to my wife Sam Milby 2

It goes without saying that Sam gave the performance of his life in the continuing series, leaving viewers so affected with his portrayal. And he thanks the head of the production group behind the drama, the RSB Unit, Direk Ruel S. Bayani, for recognizing his thespic gifts.

Well, it’s not often that I do a ‘more evil’ role. I have done gray characters before. My last gray character, medyo kontrabida, was in Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala. And it’s because of that role, and even Maging Sino Ka Man, that Direk Ruel offered me this role,” Sam stressed. “(Direk Ruel) said: ‘Sam, I think you really shine sa mga medyo darker roles,’ and I appreciate that because I’ve got more recognition in this role, and [in] Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala, and stuff like that. It’s a challenge siyempre, but it’s more interesting. The roles that are darker are more interesting.

Sam said, however, that Ace is the darkest he has played so far and he notes “how bad and how evil he’s becoming.” 

He has a narcissist personality also, to think na [sa] lahat ng ginawa niya, wala siyang remorse. He does not feel that he’s done anything wrong, and I find that to be narcissistic. I didn’t feel that he had so much remorse even in killing Aliyah (Bianca King),” Sam explained. “So, it’s just been challenging. Even [for me] who’s playing the character, it’s been challenging to understand his psyche.

He even thinks Ace should be brought to justice, considering how the most hated character in the series, Jade (Yam Concepcion), actually does not deserve all the scorn she received.

Mas maraming galit kay Jade, which it shouldn’t be. Biktima lang siya ‘e. She’s a victim of Ace. Wala siyang ibang lalaki kundi ako, si Ace. Naging taksil lang siya dahil kay Ace, and she was a victim of everything that he did. So, Ace is really the bad one and I think he deserves some punishment.

So, I’m still trying to understand the extent of his evilness and what would happen to him in the end. I think, siyempre ine-expect ng mga tao na may hustisya, may mangyayari sa kanya and dapat naman ‘e.


What makes Sam so effective in these dark roles? He divulges something about his real personality that contributes to that.

I would like to think that in real life, I’m an introvert,” Sam disclosed. “I’m very normally shy so if I try to play a good guy… maybe it’s harder for me so it’s better to go the extremely opposite of me? I can’t really understand why but I’m happy that I found [recognition] in this role.

Did he expect that Ace would be on everyone’s mouths and nerves throughout the teleserye’s run?

No, definitely not,” Sam said. “Especially because there’s been a lot of shows and movies that have been on this topic. Looking at “No Other Woman,” The Legal Wife…this is a theme that’s been done again. So how are we able to make our show different from the other ones, ‘di ba? Since it’s been something that’s done before.

Real and relatable


EXCLUSIVE I am nothing like Ace I ll be faithful to my wife Sam Milby 3

Sam revealed that their characters have been effective due to their being real and relatable to the audience.

I want to veer away from the roles that happened before. For me, it’s just concentrating on my role and what was great is just, it’s very real,” Sam said. “The story, I mean Ace and Jade having their affair and then may mga times na baka mahuli na sila… And I think that’s also why a lot of people can relate. I think it’s something that’s not only a problem here in the Philippines, it’s worldwide. The divorce rate in the States is probably over 50%! It’s a great deal.

How does Sam think will Ace’s character journey end in the story? He actually has no idea yet, but he divulges some possibilities.

(We’ll see) kung sino talaga ang mahal niya, ipaglalaban niya and the justice that will eventually happen to him. (Ace) deserves something bad to happen to him. Makukulong? Ewan ko, I don’t even know what’s going to happen to him! So, I will find out along with you guys as you watch. Saan ‘yong hangganan ng evilness niya Where his love is? How far will he go to get revenge from Lino (Jericho Rosales)? What will happen to baby CJ, and even with his relationship with Jade right now?

If Sam begs to differ from Ace, then what has he learned, at least, from the character?

Quoting a comment he read on social media, Sam said: “Be a Lino in a world full of Aces.

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