Off camera: Lino and Jade’s fun times on set of Halik

Why can’t they be this cute on-screen too?

Every attempt Jade (Yam Concepcion) has made at fixing her marriage has failed. As much as Lino (Jericho Rosales) cares about Jade and CJ, he still insists that he no longer has feelings for Jade at all. Not to mention, his romance with Jacky (Yen Santos) is being rekindled.

Now, Lino is off to New York and Jade is determined to cut Jacky out of the picture. Will they ever find a middle ground?We would have to tune in to find out. Their marriage has been filled with drama since the first episode. If you are ever wondering what it would be like to see them happy and laughing, then these Instagram stories can paint you a picture!

Daisy Carino aka Auntie Fe shared a series of videos on her account featuring a giggly Yam holding a pink paper bag. Behind her, Jericho walks up and says, “Nagsisimula ka pa lang, naka-ilang ronda na ‘ko.” Turns out, she took one of his shoes. “Naaalala n’yo ba‘yung episode na nagsa-shoplifting siya? Nadala niya na ‘yung character niya,” he explained. In the end, she threw the shoe away and all Daisy could caption the clip was, “Wala ka nang magawa noh?


In another set of IG stories, Jericho showed everyone what it would be like if he turned into a sissy. It certainly earned laughs from everyone.



Over on Yam’s account, she posted a video where she introduced a way to “win your man back.” She then proceeded to call Jericho’s attention and dropped a piece of tissue in front of him. He seemed to take a step forward in an attempt to pick it up, but she instead tried the “bend and snap.” Everyone else burst out laughing, including Yam herself. 



Meanwhile, Jericho was completely lost. To explain, the caption reads, “the ‘bend and snapis a secret move that has a 98% success rate of getting a man’s attention. When used appropriately, it has an 83% rate of return on a dinner invitation.” Although, admittedly it is not as effective, “kaso hindi umepek kay Jade.”

Imagine how fun it would be if Jade and Lino were like in on Halik too.