PAANDAR 2018: 5 reasons why Lino is indeed a hubby material in Halik

Ever since his career in the local entertainment scene started in the 90s, Jericho Rosales has been relentlessly capturing our hearts with his irresistible charm, smiting handsomeness, and his brilliant performance as an actor and a singer.

Aside from that, many also admire him for being a doting and easygoing dad to his teenage unico hijo Santino and being a supportive and loving husband to his gorgeous wife Kim Jones.

Thus, it's not surprising if every character he portrays in every project that he does is truly loved by and etched in the memories of the viewers, especially his avid fans, as he seemed to apply whatever he is in real life in his portrayals.

Just like his popular role in the controversial primetime series Halik, where she plays the unswerving yet kindhearted Lino Bartolome whose love for his unfaithful wife Jade (Yam Concepcion) has remained unwavering despite the trouble she caused him and his family.

Because of the positive attitude he brandishes towards his better half, we can't blame if many women and women-at-heart out there pine for them to find a guy like him who would unconditionally love them and perceive him as an ideal husband.


They say that girls should find themselves a guy who understands them, knows how to woo them or cheer them up every time they're not in the mood, just like our beloved leading man, and is true to his words.

When they had a quarrel and she decided to distance herself by going to Singapore, he tried to understand where she's coming from and told her that everything's going to be fine and he's already working on fulfilling his promises to her.

As how he put it, "Asawa kita, Jade. Wala naman akong hindi gagawin para sa'yo.  Wala akong di gagawin para sa atin.

Although he's not that financially well-off that makes it impossible for him to buy the luxuries she demands and yearns for, Lino still makes sure to give her the happiness he thinks she truly deserves.

Besides, taking her just for a quick getaway exclusively for the two of them was also his way of bonding with her after all the fights and misunderstandings they had.

With Jade gradually escaping from his loving arms, he exerted much effort to fight for their marriage and to not let him easily slip away, although she's stern to already call it quits.

To heal himself from the heartache their breakup caused, Lino diverted his attention to work and other things, such as buying himself a posh motorcycle to treat himself.

It's really important that a guy knows how to stand for what he believes is right and at his own feet. Besides, he's also not afraid to reinvent himself when the time comes that he needed it.

Amidst of all the hurtful things and snide remarks that Jade inflicted to him, it's so unbelievable that Lino still shows concern towards her and still doesn't want her to get harmed by anyone.

Although he hesitated at first to take her out of danger upon spotting her unconscious along a dark and deserted highway, his love for her dominated and he became her knight-in-shining-armor.

Now that her illicit affair with Ace (Sam Milby) is on the rocks and she's in great trouble, our beloved leading man is always there to save her from misery, even though he has to take her again to their house, but now pregnant to her alleged lovechild with her paramour.

Being a good and ever-faithful spouse that he is, when will Jade realize that she's about to lose the best man she would ever meet in life -- Lino? Let's see by watching Halik, weeknights after Ngayon at Kailanman on Primetime Bida.