PAANDAR 2018: 5 reasons why Lino is indeed #blessed to have Nanay Dolor in his life

A mother's love is indeed unconditional and unparalleled.

Amidst of all the hardships she has to endure everyday in attending to the needs of the family,  in doing household chores, and sometimes in accomplishing her duties at work, she still didn't fail to make us feel the warmth of her love and tender care.

Before we stepped into the world when our home was our only playground, most of us considered our moms as our first best friend, and continues to be one now that we are already adults.

Just like Lino Bartolome (Jericho Rosales) of the controversial primetime series Halik whose shoulder to cry on is his doting Nanay Dolor (Amy Austria-Ventura).

That's why, our leading man could really exclaim that he definitely has the "Best Mom" in the world due to the following reasons:


While there are people who are troubled in getting along with their in-laws, Jade (Yam Concepcion) is truly blessed to have found a very loving mother figure in her mother-in-law.

Amidst of all the unforgivable wrong things she did to her son and their family, it's incredible how Nanay Dolor is able to muster enough strength to keep on loving and praying for her as if she's her own child.

Although they are completely not in good terms, she still visited her and reprimanded her not to abort her child with Ace (Sam Milby) because it has nothing to do with her sins.


In the lowest point of his life, Lino has found a constant shoulder to cry on in Nanay Dolor.

As trials and challenges his hurdling now drown him, she's been always there to lift him up and give him a huge, warm, and tight embrace. Besides, she also never gets tired of giving him sound advice and words of encouragement that would him get through this.


It's not only in the trying times that they have each other, but in moments of triumph as well.

With all the achievements he snagged, she's the first one to express her support and pride, especially that time when Lino was able to bravely stand up from being downtrodden and focused his attention and energies on expanding his furniture business.


Certainly, no mother doesn't want to see nor hear her child being bullied, harmed, or belittled by others whether he/she is the one at fault or not.

When Lino was arrested a day after severely punching Ace upon catching him and his unfaithful wife Jade in the act, Nanay Dolor unhesitatingly followed him to the precinct. There, she bumped into and ferociously faced Ace's domineering mom Helen (Almira Muhlach) who adamantly defended her son and carelessly insulted and blamed Lino and their family for what happened.

Of course, Dolor didn't let them be defeated by responding to her disparaging remarks and kept up with her intensity.


Although he's already a grown-up and is capable of doing his own decisions, Dolor doesn't hesitate to reprove him.

She berated him for disrespecting the memory of his father who was allegedly killed by Mauro Montefalco (Romnick Sarmienta), the person Lino sought help for in order for his enterprise to easily prosper.

Who wouldn't want Nanay Dolor to be their mom? Let your winnings be filled with love and wisdom by watching Halik, weeknights after Ngayon at Kailanman on Primetime Bida.