REVIEW: Everything worked for Halik in much-awaited confrontation scene

Many screamed at their TV sets in anger, others had tears fall.

There’s no denying that the tumultuous, pivotal confrontation scene in Halik aired on Thursday, October 25 in the episode “Bistadong Halik” indeed has gripped us all.

Who wouldn’t? Not with Lino (Jericho Rosales) finally catching his wife Jade (Yam Concepcion) red handed locking lips with paramour Ace (Sam Milby), who himself is cheating on his own spouse Jacky (Yen Santos), Lino’s ex-girlfriend.

Anticipated yet agonizing

It had come to this after months when loyal followers of the show wished, wailed, and waited for this moment to come.

Yet it was a painful sight to see.

The hardworking everyman Lino, who did everything just to please his wife throughout their marriage, finding out from his informant bartender that Jade and Ace arrived inside the establishment the illicit couple frequents as a rendezvous.

Shaken and silent, Lino hangs up and rushes to the bar.

Ace was comforting Jade, who had been lividly confronted by Lino’s mom Dolor (Amy Austria-Ventura) after learning about the affair herself. Troubled with the thought that Dolor had told Lino and their relationship would blow out in the open, Ace offered to keep her under the care of another friend whom they can rely on till the tempest settles.

Gripping scene

And as Jade felt assured, both were taken by the moment as they caressed, held each other, and kissed passionately, totally unaware that a fuming Lino had arrived.

In fact at the door of the area where they are.

Viewers were excruciating seeing Lino witnessing it all. As his eyes laid on them, he fell silent, bowed down in despair, then wiped tears.

After stopping dead in his tracks, Lino found the strength, in fact the wrath, in approaching the two. He first didn’t interrupt and even sat at a sidetable watching them smooch.

“Nasarapan ba tayo?,” he asks.

Jade then freezes in shock when she heard Lino’s voice, with Ace still unmindful of what’s going on. Lino then taps him, and he too freezes as both of them realize Lino was in front of them.

“Akala ko di mo kilala,” Lino asks his wife, who with Ace was speechless.

Furious fit

Blinded by rage, Lino punched Ace several times, leaving him bloodied and unconscious, as he pushed back his wife in the furious fit that needed a number of the club bouncers to stop him. As Lino was taken away, he furiously asked his wife what he had done to deserve such treachery as she wept and sprawled beside her fallen lover.

This is definitely one scene we won’t forget for a very long time. Not only because of what had transpired, but by the way the scene was executed, how a series of dramatized incidents led to it, and how the actors performed.

Acting marvel

Jericho Rosales deserved the biggest applause as he not only acted exceptionally, he also made people feel his pain deeply and agonize for him. The way he silently suffered seeing his wife cheat on him before his very eyes is what any person would feel or react under the same circumstances. Everyone understood, felt, and cried for him. That was how effective his performance was.

Kudos likewise to Yam Concepcion, who has been an immense revelation in the series, with her insane depiction of the erring wife. She does the portrayed transgressions not with the pitchy, cartoonish kontrabida style but with a natural, human weakness people can identify yet abhor. Public hatred is understandable, given her outstanding performance.

As we feel the torment in Jericho’s character, we also experienced the sorrow in Dolor’s heart as a result of Amy Austria-Ventura’s incredibly brilliant performance as well as Lino’s mom. A legendary, multi-awarded actress truly knows where she stands and definitely proves her worth.

Impressive likewise were Yen Santos and Sam Milby, who has since made breakthrough performances since the telserye first aired in August.

From the superb script to the chilling musical score, everything worked for Halik, thanks to the creative and production mastery of the RSB Unit, under Director Ruel S. Bayani.

Netizens likewise couldn’t hold back their emotions in praise for the #BistadongHalik episode.