EXCLUSIVE: Jericho reveals he’ll “never forget” Lino-Ace face-off in #ImbiyernangHalik episode

As we religiously watch the controversial series Halik that completely took the primetime slot and the online world by storm, it’s understandable how difficult it would be to choose a certain scene that appealed to every one of us the most because there’s indeed a plethora of scenes that amazingly left indelible marks in our hearts and minds.

If avid viewers had a hard time picking their favorite scenes, it’s impossible as well for the actors who brilliantly portray the characters that we adored and abhorred in the past eight months. Just like lead actor Jericho Rosales, who willingly imparted his personal favorite moments and memorable experiences in breathing life to his now popular role Lino Bartolome during his recent exclusive interview with Entertainment.ABS-CBN.com.

Jericho started off by declaring that there are actually too many for him to mention every one of those. He simply told us that it would be Lino’s hearty talk with his demised dad on the grave, his confrontations with Yam Concepcion’s character Jade, a few moments with Yen Santos’ Jacky, and of course, a lot of the highlights that truly trended and sparked hullabaloos on social media.

Heated skirmish

However, the Halik star then went on to share how the heated skirmish his character had with Yam (Jade) and Sam (Ace) that aired last Monday, April 8, would definitely go on top of his list.  

“I deeply, deeply felt the character’s anger and sakto pa na dumating ‘yong character ni Ace. One of the few times that I got scared personally because I felt the character. Kanina talaga I’m on the verge of crying because I felt the weight of his problems and the pain that Jade caused him and then the anger that he felt. Basta nag-flip nalang siya e, bigla nalang siyang nag-flip…And no’ng dumating ‘yong Ace, syempre, anong gagawin niya do’n sa taong sumira ng buhay niya di ba? So, I felt the real anger on that scene. I’ll never forget that,” he related.

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In this particular scene, Jade and Lino got involved in another intense dispute, in which they again debated on who between them is really at fault in the shattering of their once beautiful marriage. Jade pointed out Lino’s being a “Mama’s Boy” and stressed how he depended on his Nanay Dolor (Amy Austria-Ventura) so much. She brought up as well his alleged affair with his former flame Jacky and told him that she has pictures to prove that. Meanwhile, he retorted by arguing how she has become be self-centered and only heeded to her own thoughts, decisions, interests, and baseless speculations.

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These issues are exactly the realizations that came to the dashing, seasoned actor when asked about the lessons he learned from his character and from doing the show.

“[Lino’s] the picture of a guy who prioritizes his family over everything and ‘yong immediate family niya, ‘yong wife niya. I’ve seen the effects of being married and staying in the same roof with your parents and that wasn’t good for Lino’s marriage. That’s where the problem really started. Then there was jealousy, ‘di na-handle ni Jade ‘yon,” he shared.


Then he added, “Lessons with Lino naman, transparency in marriage, transparency in the relationship, prioritization of your partner, [and] leaving in the house of your parents. It was hard for him kasi he’s the breadwinner and he couldn’t leave them and he had a promise to his father na he would take care of their family [but] the wife couldn’t understand that. It’s not her fault also. Parang feeling ko laging bitin sa oras si Lino.”

Since Halik is already on its last three weeks, we didn’t miss the chance to quiz the dashing 39-year-old multi-awarded actor on what we could expect more on his character on the upcoming, sure-fire episodes of the hit primetime series.

“Mas lalo siyang mapapagod, mas lalo siyang mai-stress, mas lalo siyang macha-challenge sa [next scenes]. As an actor, I wanna give it my best and perform to the best I can. Pero for the character, a lot of realizations, I see a lot of painful moments, painful things to accept, and I just feel that he’s gonna have to deal with a lot of things because his life would never be the same again,” Echo stated.

Are you excited as us to see what are going to happen next or how the lives of Lino, Jade, Jacky, and Ace will turn out in the end? Well, you better not miss the remaining episodes of Halik, weeknights after The General’s Daughter.