On-The-Set of Halik: Jade, nag ‘Chambe’ challenge bago manganak!

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Thought Jade couldn’t handle a dance challenge? Well, here’s a video of her doing the ‘Chambe’ dance challenge right before giving birth to her baby!

Yam Concepcion who plays Jade Flores-Bartolome, the most scandalously trending teleserye character right now on primetime, posted a video of her doing the “Chambe” dance challenge while lying on the hospital bed. Together with her sissy Marissa (Nina Dolino) and all the nurses and the doctor standing around her bed, they slayed the “Chambe” dance challenge.

As she posted this video on her Instagram account, Yam extended her birthday greetings to Alex Gonzaga on her caption saying:

Nasa loob palang ng tiyan, marunong na mag Chambe chambe si Baby Catalino Jr. aka Baby Bogus. Thank you ninang @nina.dolino for being so supportive as always. #teachemyoung

X, Jade

Happy Birthday @cathygonzaga

The “Chambe” dance craze was from PBB Otso host Alex Gonzaga’s hit single with the same title, who celebrated her birthday last 16th of January.

To anyone who doesn’t know, “Chambe” is dedicated to Alex Gonzaga’s nephew Seve. On the Gonzaga sisters’ recent interview on Tonight with Boy Abunda, Toni Gonzaga revealed that the term “Chambe” came from her endearment to her son. From “Chubby” or “Chubs,” it has become “Chambi” then eventually turned to “Chambe”. One time when Alex couldn’t get Seve’s attention, she just did some random dance moves and sang Seve’s nickname “Chambe.” It was how the song started, while the signature dance move of the song is actually Seve’s cute childish dance moves. To everyone’s surprise, this random family thing has immediately become viral on YouTube, gaining 6 million views and counting.

See how Haliks Jade takes on the sensational dance craze with her “emergency” dance crew right here in this video!