8 most fiery moments on “Halik” to watch on iWant TV

Since ABS-CBN’s exciting new teleserye “Halik” premiered, it has already given viewers some of the most compelling moments that are worth watching all over again. Currently, it is now the most-watched show on iWant TV just on its fourth week of broadcast airing.

Jacky (Yen Santos) and Lino (Jericho Rosales) are childhood sweethearts who are forced to part ways when their families get into a conflict: Lino’s father works for Jackys family business and is accused of stirring unrest among the workers. They pursue different lives and find their own loves. Lino follows his father’s footsteps and becomes a furniture maker and marries Jade (Yam Concepcion), while Jacky now runs the family business and is now married to Ace (Sam Milby).

Alas, we find that not all is well in their lives. Let’s have a look back at the eight (8) most-fiery moments of “Halik” that will make you watch for more!  

1.   When Jade approached a nervous Ace beside his wife, Jacky in the club (Episode 2)

Jade enters the powder room in a club and accidentally catches Ace in an uncompromising situation with another woman. Ace is rattled and tries to convince Jade that nothing happened. Moments later, Jacky finds him outside and slowly approaches a visibly nervous Ace, who is now seated beside his wife Jacky.

He is relieved as Jade instead hands him a business card and formally introduces herself as a real estate agent. But as Jacky watches the whole thing unfold, things between her and Ace would never be the same. 

2.   When Jacky found pictures of her secretary in a phone kept by Ace (Episode 3)


Almost convinced of her husband’s womanizing, Jacky begins to dig deeper and eventually finds a phone she has never seen him use. she unlocks the phone and finds revealing pictures of her secretary. She confronts Ace, who in turn denies the affair. But Jacky has made up her mind – she would never trust him again.

3.   Ace’s secretary begs him for acceptance (Episode 6)

Ace decides to stay away from Ivory after denying his affair to his wife. Angered by this, Ivory heads to the couple’s home to beg Ace to take her back. Ace rejects her and decides to completely cut ties with her

.4.   Lino discovers Ace’s affair with Ivory (Episode 9)

Lino rescues Ivory when she meets an accident and rushes her to the hospital. Forced by Jacky to go to the hospital, Ace soon confronts Ivory about their affair and tells her not to confess and that he will never leave his wife for her. But by accident, Lino overhears the confrontation and is now struggling with a secret that he know will hurt Jacky.

5.   Ivory denies her affair with Ace (Episode 10)

After being confronted by Ace at the hospital, Ivory decides to protect him by denying they had an affair to Jacky. She insists it was her all along who seduced Ace, and that he never responded to her passes.

6.    Ace nearly betrays Jacky once again (Episode 11) 

As if by fate, Ace ends up catching Jade drunk, in a bar. Jade becomes flirtatious and Ace becomes vulnerable once more. He takes her away from the bar and they end up in a hotel. In a moment of heat, Ace nearly commits yet another act of betrayal–only to be stopped when Jade suddenly comes to her senses.

7.    Lino and Jade goes on a steamy out of town trip (Episode 11)

Amidst the brewing turmoil in their marriage, Lino invites Jade to go out of town to relax and rekindle their lost passion. They revisit their relationship and plan out their future together. While at the resort, Jade mistakes Lino for another man who’s flirting with another woman and makes a scene. Lino answers Jade’s cellphone when Ace was calling using an unlisted number. They eventually patch things up for another day wrapped in each other’s warm embrace and kisses.

8.   Ace dreams about Jade while sleeping with Jacky (Episode 15)

Ace wakes up with a jolt from a steamy and vivid dream about Jade while Jacky is at his side. Jacky assures Ace that she will always be there for him and comforts him after working from the “nightmare.“ Later on Jacky tries to comfort her husband but ends up coming too short, Ace appears to be out of touch and not in the mood. 

For more moments like these, catch “Halik” weeknights on ABS-CBN. If in case you miss the first airing, simply log on to iWant TV to watch all episodes for FREE.

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