Feeling the sepanx: the cast of Halik says goodbye with heartfelt Instagram posts
Feeling the sepanx the cast of Halik says goodbye with heartfelt Instagram posts 1

It is official. After all the smiles, laughter, catfights, fistfights, secrets and betrayals the Primetime series that had the country debating on social media has finally reached its conclusion. There is no doubt in the mind of fans that Halik hit all the right notes throughout its run. Now, as hard as it is to say goodbye, it is time we all find our peace and happy endings. If you are still not ready to part ways with Lino, Jacky and even Jade and Ace, do not worry because we might have what you need to move on.

This show will go down as one of the most memorable projects for everyone in front and behind the cameras. The cast themselves could not help but take to Instagram how they feel.

“Paalam, Lino!” Jericho Rosales started off his post. He thanked the loyal viewers and the friends he made in this chapter of his life. “Mahal ko kayong lahat! Mabuhay kayo! Hanggang sa muli..” he ended.


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Despite being one of the most controversial and hated characters, Sam Milby still felt great for this opportunity. “Ace has been one of my most challenging roles to date, and seeing all your reactions made the hardwork worth it,” he admitted.


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Nina Dolino posted a collage of Sissy’s many “faces & phases”. She has her flaws, but you have to give credit to her for being loyal and supportive till the very end. “You will go down in my history as a happy and positive person who always sees the silver lining,” Nina dedicated to her character.


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Of course, the one and only Yam Concepcion did not forget to bid farewell. After all, Jade was hated just as much, if not more, than Ace. In her IG stories, she previously shared the teaser for the shows last three weeks. “I will miss playing the role of Jade. I will miss my halik Family . . .” she wrote.

Romnick Sarmenta, Hero Angeles, Gab Lagman, Cris Villanueva, Almira Muhlach, Daisy Carino and Karla Pambid all dedicated messages to their characters as well. More importantly, they expressed endless gratitude to every single Kapamilya who tuned in to their story and made the journey as fun and exciting as it was.


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Which character will you miss the most?