WATCH: Sayawan at kulitan sa set ng ‘Halik’ in between takes!

Lino (Jericho Rosales) has some big decisions to make. In the meantime, we will forgive him for goofing around while the cameras are turned off.

At this point in the story of Halik, Lino has a lot of thinking to do and viewers have their own opinions. Some would argue that Jade (Yam Concepcion) is still the one for him because they have a child together. Supposedly, that alone should be enough to give her a second chance. And in the recent episodes, we have certainly witnessed her change and initiative to get along with Lino’s family. They even made baby clothes one time.

On the other hand, others feel that it is time to move on for Lino. He can take responsibility for his son, but it is Jacky (Yen Santos) he should be with. In last night’s episode alone, Kapamilyas saw how he fantasized about her when they got locked in the storage room. Lino also gets jealous whenever he sees Jacky with Yohan (Daniel Matsunaga).

We are all waiting on his decision. With all that responsibility riding on his shoulders, how does he blow off steam? Well, Yam already answered that question with a post on Instagram. Her recent IG features a Jericho that some people might think is drunk. The actor’s dance moves, which perfectly matches the song, are hilarious to watch. Watching him just feel the music must be infectious because some of the crew members even joined in.

At one point, Yam who was taking the video suggested that Daisy Cariño give the dance a try too. And she obliged by mimicking Jericho. A few moments later, with a more modern song number, Yam caught a happy Amy Austria whipping her hair back and forth.

These actors are taking a break from their roles. Now, it is our turn to forget about the drama, even for just a few minutes. Sit back, relax and check out this video!