How Ace and Jade’s scandalous affair triggered the tempest in Halik
How Ace and Jade s scandalous affair triggered the tempest in Halik 1

It was a coincidence that the two of them met, but wasn’t an accident for them to have an affair. In the beginning of the story, Ace Corpuz (Sam Milby) and an already married Jade Flores-Bartolome (Yam Concepcion) were strangers who just happened to have encountered each other in a bar. Ace was with his wife Jacky Montefalco-Corpuz (Yen Santos) and her friends when he happened to meet Jade inside the women’s comfort room, where he mistakenly entered. They didn’t introduce themselves to each other but when Jade saw Ace again beside his wife and with Jacky’s friends, Jade went to introduce herself and gave him her calling card, thinking that he might be a possible client in the real estate business that she works in.

Jade left a mark on Ace after their first meeting. Fate has let them meet again in a bar, which convinced Ace to make Jade his “flavor of the month.” However, what pushed Ace to really get connected with her is when he found out that Jade is the wife of Lino Bartolome (Jericho Rosales), Jacky’s childhood best friend, ex-boyfriend and now business partner whom he’s jealous with.

With that, Ace didn’t stop on pursuing Jade. And because Jade was in the situation of getting paranoid over Jacky and Lino being together, after knowing about who Jacky is to her husband in the past, Jade let herself give in to Ace’s temptation.

Ace and Jade’s connection became stronger as they continued to meet secretly. And as Ace’s friends knew about Jade, they made a bet if Ace will be able to seduce Jade in getting intimate with him. To win the bet and in thinking that this will make him get even with Lino, Ace recorded his first sexual encounter with a drugged Jade.

When Jade discovered that Ace is Jacky’s husband and he also knew all along that Lino is her husband, Jade realized that Ace is just using her to get even with Lino. Thus, Jade hated Ace and warned him not to communicate with her again.

But no matter how many times Jade pushed him away, Ace is still eager to continue his secret romance with her because he doesn’t want himself to be stressed with the struggles that his wife Jacky is going through. Ace kept on telling Jade to continue their forbidden relationship. And because Jade has grown tired of living with Lino and the Bartolome family, she accepted Ace’s offer.

Hiding their illicit affair seemed to be easy at first for Ace and Jade but when Jade is getting serious with their relationship and Ace isn’t, their lustful actions led them to get their secret revealed. One fateful night at a bar, they finally got caught in the act by Jade’s husband Lino.

After the truth was exposed, Ace and Jade went on with their relationship. Ace spoiled Jade and he suffered for it. Their relationship eventually got rocky until their sex video which Jade had no idea about went viral. Ace and Jade lost their jobs and everything else in their lives including their families who got affected by their scandal.

Even though Jade despised Ace for his actions, she eventually forgave him because they both had nowhere to go but to each other’s arms. They chose to stay together and fight for what the two of them have.

Although Ace isn’t really serious about marrying Jade, he proposed to her just to keep her because it’s what Jade wants. But when they discovered that Jade is pregnant, Ace questioned if it was really his child because he’s not ready to assume the responsibilities of being a father.

Thus, Ace and Jade’s relationship has gone cold. Ace met a woman named Aliyah (Bianca King) who helped him escape from his problems with Jade.

Having Aliyah by his side and learning that he’s not the real father of Jade’s baby, it became easier for Ace to dump Jade. With Aliyah, Ace got his career back and they both dominated Jacky’s family business. Things went smooth in their tandem until Ace found out that Aliyah is just using him for revenge. With that, Ace attempted to murder Aliyah with a lethal mix of sleeping pills and anti-depressants as he continued to be on top of MonteCorp.

Meanwhile, Jade went back to the Bartolome family because of CJ, her baby with Lino. She tried to change but because she cannot withstand the consequences of her sins anymore, Jade eventually disrespected Lino’s family. And due to her actions, Lino forced Jade to leave their house.

Thinking that her son is all that she has, Jade asked for Ace’s help to get him from the Bartolome family.

Ace and Jade teamed up once again and used each other for their own benefit. They continued working together to make Lino’s life miserable by using the baby as their ultimate weapon. Although they have been convicted of adultery, Ace and Jade plan to escape and start a new life together in another country with Baby CJ.

With all the mistakes they have committed in pushing through their scandalous affair, where will Ace and Jade’s tandem get them in the end?

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