How Lino Bartolome endured the worst and fought for what was right in Halik
How Lino Bartolome endured the worst and fought for what was right in Halik 1

From the very beginning, we can see that Lino Bartolome (Jericho Rosales) knew how to be contented with what he has because of the overflowing love from his family. He had such sweet memories in his childhood and teenage years, including the young romance that he formed with his best friend Jacky Montefalco (Yen Santos).

However, unfortunate circumstances due to the objection of Jacky’s adoptive father Mauro (Romnick Sarmenta), led them to drift away. Years passed and they both moved on from each other; Jacky got married to Ace Corpuz (Sam Milby) while Lino tied the knot with Jade Flores (Yam Concepcion). 

Lino focused on making his furniture business grow and in his married life with Jade. He worked hard to provide all the needs of his wife and his family.

Lino had issues with Jade on their living arrangements with his family, since he is the breadwinner. Jade wanted them to have a place of their own, but Lino couldn’t leave his family behind.

Along with this, Lino and Jade’s marriage also started to fall apart when Jade got paranoid after learning that Lino had reconnected with his childhood friend and ex-girlfriend Jacky. With the many issues building up between them, Jade impulsively decided to leave the Bartolome residence.

While Lino tried to just focus on his business, Jade gave in to Ace’s incessant, philandering ways and had an affair with him. Lino is completely unaware of this until he stumbled upon Ace and Jade at a mall. Lino began suspecting that his wife and Jacky’s husband were together, but just confirmed it when he followed them in that fateful night at a bar. He witnessed Jade and Ace’s treachery with his very own eyes, as he watched them passionately kissing each other.

After discovering the truth, Lino’s heart was shattered even more when Jade returned her wedding ring to him, told him that she loves Ace and asked for an annulment. Lino didn’t grant Jade the freedom so that she and Ace could suffer for their adulterous affair. And as if catching them in the act isn’t enough, Lino’s dignity crushed when Jade and Ace’s sex video went viral.

Not long after the scandalous sex video went viral, Jade got pregnant and the DNA result revealed that Lino is the father of the child and not Ace. Due to all the sins that Jade has committed, Lino cannot believe it at first and eventually accepted that he is the father of Jade’s baby. But because his mother Nanay Dolor (Amy Austria) told him that the child is innocent and has nothing to do with the sins Jade committed, Lino eventually welcomed Jade back in his family’s home.

With this, Jade thought that their marriage can be saved and Lino would want to start anew with their baby. However, Lino made it clear to Jade that there’s nothing she can do to make him love her again.

Jade still hoped that Lino might have a change of heart. She made efforts to show Lino how much she regrets her actions. And when Lino had a first glimpse of their child during the ultrasound appointment, Jade felt that there’s hope in having a complete family again.

But Jade grew tired of paying the consequences of her sins. She disrespected the Bartolome family once again, which made Lino force her to leave their house.

Meanwhile, having Jacky beside him all along, Lino found himself falling in love with her again. Although he tried to stop himself from falling, Lino eventually realized that there’s nothing wrong with having feelings for Jacky.

Lino filed an adultery case against Jade and Ace that he can use as grounds for their annulment afterwards, and for him to get sole custody of their baby.

Now, Lino and Jacky know that they have to set aside their feelings for each other first until their problems with Ace and Jade are settled. With Ace and Jade plotting to escape and start a new life in another country with Jade and Lino’s baby, will Lino still be able to achieve justice in the end?

Find out how Lino’s story will end in the stirring finale of Halik this week after The General’s Daughter on Primetime Bida.