How Jacky’s character evolved from being a sweet lady to a tough, relentless fighter in Halik

Halik has undoubtedly been one of the most phenomenal series on Philippine television. With its exceptional cast, viewers could not help but be hooked to its story, which may not be new anymore to us, but what really made it different and remarkable for all the viewers is how the actors’ portrayals made us feel every scene is happening in real life.

Of course, one of the most unforgettable characters is Yen Santos’ character, Jacky Montefalco-Corpuz, the almost perfect wife - kind, smart, and loving, yet is victimized by sordid unfaithfulness of a cheating husband.

Halik has been a phenomenal series because many viewers, particularly married women, can relate to the character of Jacky. On social media, netizens sympathize with the pain and sufferings of Jacky. She represents the multitudes of betrayed wives who carry on the fight despite the pain and hardships.

They also see her transformation into a strong, pugnacious woman as a way of release—cheering her on in every scene that showed her fierceness, and eventual triumphs.

As the final episodes of Halik are aired this week, let us reminisce how Jacky’s character evolved—from being a sweet lady to a tough, relentless fighter.

Friends turned lovers

The story started when Jacky and her childhood friend and lover Lino Bartolome (Jericho Rosales) were on the same professional steed being kids of key executives of a furniture company founded by Jacky’s grandparents in Cebu.

Jacky, the heiress of the firm MonteCorp Furniture, had been at odds with his adoptive father Mauro Montefalco (Romnick Sarmenta), who took over the reins and even renamed the furniture firm of the family of Jacky’s mother Loida (Precious Lara Quigaman).

Loida had long been suffering as the wife of a domineering Mauro, until she fell in love with a man named Robert Oliva in an illicit affair that led to her bearing Jacky as a love child. Lino’s father Gustin (Allan Paule), a lead designer of MonteCorp, was responsible for Loida and Robert’s link-up.

In spite of this heated setup, Jacky and Lino’s relationship prospered from being close friends as kids to being serious lovers as they grew up. Jacky felt like she was alone in facing all the problems coming her way, Lino told her he would always be by her side no matter what, assuring Jacky that he will never leave her. They passionately showed how important they were for each other.

Suspicious incident

Because of Mauro’s own doing, Jacky and Lino’s relationship ended, as the Bartolomes and the Montefalcos were in conflict after Gustin was suspiciously killed in a warehouse fire and his furniture designs were lost

Years passed and Lino, now a proprietor of Dos Disenyos Furniture, fell in love again with a woman named Jade Flores (Yam Concepcion) and they marry. Jacky, on the other hand, became the wife of Ace Corpuz (Sam Milby), the son of Mauro’s business partner Rafael (Cris Villanueva).

Serial philanderer

A serial philanderer, Ace would have no qualms about looking at other women even as he and Jacky had settled down. Jacky would eventually become suspicious of her husband. She would discover seductive photos of their secretary Ivory (Jef Gaitan) in a phone in his possession.

And this led to a confirmation that he indeed had an affair with Ivory, who would later apologize to Jacky after getting involved in an accident.

Amid the tumult, tragedy struck when Loida is killed with a gunshot wound and Jacky is devastated. It was declared a suicide, which Jacky refused to believe. It turns out Mauro had accidentally shot her to death in a fit of rage after Loida threatened to leave him.

More suspicions

After Loida’s death, Ace offered a comforting shoulder to Jacky, who appreciated his efforts. But after a while, Jacky felt that her husband was kind of distancing himself from her and that he would always make excuses like his being busy at work, whenever Jacky wants them to have some time to be together.

One night, Jacky made a surprise for Ace who was coming from work, thinking they would finally have a great time together. But the night just ended up with Ace falling asleep. Jacky did not have a choice but to let him be. However, she noticed something again that would make her suspect Ace of having another woman. When she was getting his shirt, she smelled woman’s perfume on it.

Immense betrayal

And this led to a betrayal of immense proportions. Ace would soon target Lino’s wife, Jade, as his lover as Jacky’s past with Lino had been a lingering issue in their respective marriages after they meet in a conference in Cebu. Jacky had actually been a victim of Jade’s brickbats and physical attacks until finally she mustered the strength to fight back.

Because of this jealousy, Ace would put out all the stops just to seduce Jade. And when Lino finally saw their infidelity first-hand with Ace and his wife locking lips and beating the womanizer to a pulp, he would reveal the painful act to Jacky—something that changed her completely.

As soon as Jacky found out her husband’s affair with Jade, she became stronger and fiercer. Knowing that Jade was using Ace’s car, Jacky humiliated her in front of her workmates right in front of her office building. She called someone to tow her husband’s car and when Jade was informed of it, she immediately looked for it and when she was trying to prevent the people towing from doing so, Jacky went outside her car and told her the most hurtful words.

And who could forget that momentous confrontation between the four lead characters at a formal event, when Jacky did the most embarrassing act on her nemesis—one of the most talked about scenes in the entire series: her dousing a cold pitcher of water on Jade after a verbal tirade.

After finding out about Ace’s betrayal. Jacky would only want to cast him out of her life by throwing him out of their conjugal home. But this didn’t mean she would rekindle a lost romance with Lino, even if he would leave his filial roots and work for her ex-boyfriend’s company.

Love for family

But the best thing about Jacky is her love for family. When Mauro is debilitated by a stroke, and a group led by Paeng and a mysterious venture capitalist named Aaliyah Torres (Bianca King) sought to wrest control of MonteCorp, Jacky chose to help his father by saving the company from the Corpuzes. This pleases Mauro and they reconcile.

Despite their malice-free ties, Jacky and Lino became closer albeit guarded, especially when Jade becomes pregnant and gives birth to Lino’s child based on DNA results, and a new love interest entered Jacky’s life.

Jacky’s resurgence at MonteCorp helps the company hold-off a takeover of a vengeful Aaliyah, who survives a murder attempt by Ace and set Mauro up to reveal to Jacky the most painful truth of all.


This made Jacky even firmer in trying to bring Ace to justice in a court of law—testifying against him and Jade in an adultery case filed by Lino to have sole custody of his son with Jade, Baby CJ.

Indeed, all of Jacky’s experiences has made her the woman she has become. All the pain, all the struggles have caused her to be strong enough to face whatever problem life may throw at her. The people she loves might have hurt her but that will not make her any less of a woman with a pure heart.

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