Binatang Pilipino Challenge with Jericho and Sam

Most ladies do it by tucking their hair in the ear while slowly facing the camera bearing their most ‘pa-cute’ facial expressions matched with finger hearts or peace signs done in an extremely ‘pabebe’ manner. Before we know it, the “Dalagang Pilipina Challenge” has slowly become the hottest trend on the social media with videos, photos, and memes getting born out of it each day.

As the craze becomes more loud, several versions of it have showed up ranging from wacky poses to the most bizarre facial distortions for the sake of fun; making ‘timid’ expressions out of placed. Celebrities have jumped into the bandwagon including the Team Sissy – Yam Concepcion and Nina Dolino – of the equally phenomenal series Halik.

Known for their all-out humor, of course, the BFF’s stood out in a sea of females trying their luck to surpass the challenge as their style is no ordinary. Yam called it facial exercises as she and Nina are seen in the video warping their faces dubbed by commentators as “emote na emote”. 

WATCH: Yam at Nina, game na sumabak sa Dalagang Pilipina Challenge

After the Team Sissy has gamely dived into the “Dalagang Pilipina” trend, Yam dared her Halik leading men, Jericho Rosales and Sam Milby, to take on the ”Binatang Pilipino” challenge as well.

The wait is over as Jericho and Sam finally give in to Yam and the netizens’ request. In this video, still uploaded by Yam, the two heartthrobs are seen giving different flavors to the ‘pabebe’ madness while on break in the set of Halik.

Jericho has tried to put his hunk persona aside and makes fun of himself by doing funny reactions in a completely “kenkoy” way. But his manly gorgeousness is not a bit marred and his effort to flex his facial muscles has just emphasized his dimple; making him still look every inch adorable.

Sam, on the other hand, is quite hesitant at first but eventually gave in to his co-workers’ demand and starts showing off his ultra-irresistible version of the “Binatang Pilipino” mania with his killer smile being the highlight.

The cast of Halik are known for their effective deliveries of intense and explosive scenes but behind the cameras, they are actually a bunch of fun individuals ready to do anything for entertainment.