How Jade Bartolome infuriated yet captivated us all being the erring, adulterous wife in Halik
How Jade Bartolome infuriated yet captivated us all being the erring adulterous wife in Halik 1

In the past eight months, Yam Concepcion’s role on the primetime series Halik – Jade Bartolome – has significantly turned into an iconic character and the symbol of modern marital infidelity, together with Sam Milby’s Ace Corpuz.

Due to the grave mistake she committed and the way she undesirably reacted to everything that happened to her, viewers have grown either amused or irritated to Jade, as shown by the posts regarding the nightly episodes that bombard various social media platforms. Although she has consistently received tumultuous hate comments, we’re certainly going to miss seeing her grace our screens every night as she relentlessly fights and seeks for the love and attention she thinks she deserves.

As we bid goodbye to her on the teleserye’s exhilarating ending, let’s take a look back on how the journey had been for the lead female antagonist we have certainly loved to hate through this feature.

It all began in small talk in a night club’s comfort room wherein Jade accidentally caught Ace having an intimate moment with an unknown girl. At that point, it was obvious that there’s already sparks flying between them, especially when she unexpectedly approached the table where he, his wife Jacky (Yen Santos), and their friends were having a mini celebration, to hand her a calling card and introduce herself as a real estate agent. This awkward situation had made Jacky suspicious of them.

Jade and her husband Lino used to have a harmonious and passionate relationship, but that apparently diminishes every time their conversations would be steered into money matters and living away from the latter’s family. Even though there’s nothing wrong in giving financial assistance to his family, Jade had been nagging Lino to set aside a larger portion of his income for the construction of their dream house so that they could immediately live on their own.

Apart from their finances, Jade also had to face another issue that she found beleaguering their marriage, the resurfacing of Lino’s ex-girlfriend in his life – Jacky – to whom she always get hugely jealous with, which often caused their incessant quarrels. Just like when she found out that Lino and Jacky were in Cebu together, Jade warned him to immediately go back, lest he would never see her once he gets home.

From only knowing their encounters through hearsays, Jade finally caught her husband and his ex-girlfriend together with her own two eyes, making her so infuriated. Seeing how they seemed to be sweet to one another, she didn’t hesitate to attack her by pulling her hair and warned Lino that her patience towards his “philandering” was already on the brim and she already wanted to call it quits between them.

In an episode, she even begged him to agree with the annulment case she filed so that they could ultimately go on separate paths and be free to do whatever they want. But he strongly refused.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Jade and Ace had involved themselves in an illicit affair, with the former moving in to the condo unit bestowed to her by the latter and enjoying a luxurious and comfortable life she’d been dreaming of that Lino failed to provide for her. She’s doing everything she could, with her best friend a.k.a. “Sissy” Marissa (Nina Dolino) helping and supporting her every step of the way, in fully taking away Ace from his wife Jacky.

But when Lino finally caught Jade and Ace locking lips at a bar, all hell broke loose, and Lino thought it was the final straw in a litany of marital troubles.

Another problem with Jade is how she finds it difficult to have self-control. She seems to do everything on impulse and without hesitation as long as it would give her pleasure and would be beneficial to her. Because of her carelessness and drunkenness, she often ends up getting in trouble, just like what happened during the formal party she attended with Ace wherein she made a terrible scene while confronting Jacky in front of the other guests, putting herself in complete disgrace.

And Jade finally got the taste of her own medicine when the sex video scandal of her and Ace spread like wildfire online, which put her in great humiliation once again and cost her the job and reputation she’d taken care of for a very long time. This happened after Ace’s domineering parents cancelled the credit card he gave her, leaving her in misery.

Because of that shameful incident, Jade felt suddenly regretful of the erroneous act she did against her ever faithful husband and started to doubt the intentions and honesty of Ace to her. Due to her vulnerability and carelessness, she became a victim of rape without her knowing and Ace’s wickedness.

From the scowling façade she always brandishes comparable to a wolf, the viewers were able to see her side that’s gentle as a sheep as she pleaded for Lino to accept and love her again for the sake of their child. However, the latter declined her appeal, telling her that there’s no longer affection left for her in his heart after everything she and Ace did.

Probably, many viewers had gone madder towards Jade in this scene wherein she made herself appear delicate and kind inside the courtroom during the trial of her and Ace’s case in hopes of pleasing the judge. This demeanor stirred not only the camp of Lino and Jacky, but even her own as they all got bewildered and dubious. However, her charm failed to work its magic.



And, when Lino was compassionate with Jade in having her in Baby CJ’s baptism despite her conviction for adultery, she did the unthinkable. Jade told Nanay Dolor (Amy Austria) in her face that she would take CJ away saying she had all the right to because she is the mother. And despite Nanay Dolor trying to stop her from doing it, she nudged her and made a run for it. Ace was on hand with his car to make the perfect getaway.

Admit it. You might be mad at Jade but you’ll surely miss her once the highly anticipated finale of Halik airs this Friday, April 26 after The General’s Daughter on Primetime Bida.