Ace’s evil and wretched ways as a demented womanizer in Halik

As Halik enters its final week, it boils down to one fact: one man started the bedlam.

His name, Ace Corpuz (Sam Milby), a character despised by a nation captivated by the stirring drama. His being a serial, demented womanizer, a liar, an attempted murderer, and of late a convicted adulterer, turned the lives of the four main characters for the worse.

As we witnessed, he would not stop at getting what he wants—whatever it takes, whomever he hurts.

Let us look back at his wretched, diabolical twists and turns.

When he came to know Lino Bartolome (Jericho Rosales) and learned that his wife Jacky was his former flame, Ace has let his jealousy and ego direct his actions. Seeing Lino as his rival not just with Jacky but also in business, Ace lured Lino’s wife Jade (Yam Concepcion) into having an affair with him.

Although Jade tried to resist Ace’s moves, she eventually gave in. Ace bought Jade a condo unit where they can privately spent time together. As he tried so hard to keep their relationship, their spouses eventually knew of their secret trysts. But because Ace won’t let himself lose even though he was already caught red-handed, he tried to accuse Jacky and Lino of having their own affair.

Like what they say, the truth will always come out. To win a bet with his friends, Ace recorded his first intimate moment with Jade which he did at the time when Jade was still trying to avoid him. When their sex video became viral, the truth about Ace and Jade was finally revealed to the public.

After the viral sex video was shared publicly, Jacky threw him out of their conjugal home and because of this, he continued his affair with Jade. This was until he learned Jade was pregnant with Lino’s baby and suddenly, he wanted to drop her like a hot potato.

When he was with Jade, Ace met a woman named Aliyah (Bianca King), and showing how much of a serial philanderer he is, Ace seduced Aliyah, not knowing that she has her own vengeful interests.

Together with Aliyah, Ace tried to take over Jacky’s family furniture business, MonteCorp, and tried to sabotage its competition, Lino’s Dos Disenyos.

Ace then finally suspected Aliyah’s hidden motives against the Corpuzes and the Montefalcos. He then tried to murder Aliyah with a lethal mix of sleeping pills and anti-depressants in Aliyah’s wine.

After ending his affair with Aliyah thinking he had killed her, Ace and Jade got reconnected. When Jade got paranoid again over Lino, she runs off with their baby and sought the help of Ace. Ace saw it as a chance to exact revenge against Lino and thus accepted Jade and their baby. It came to a point that Ace even falsified a DNA report claiming that he was the child’s father.

Realizing that he loved Jade, Ace was determined to do everything for her and her baby CJ. He tried his best to keep her away from Lino. However, it was too late for him because Jade doesn’t love him anymore like she used to. And seeking sole custody of CJ, Lino filed and won an adultery case against them.


Where will Ace’s wrongful deeds lead him? Let us all find out in the final episodes of Halik, all this week after The General’s Daughter on Primetime Bida.