PAANDAR 2018: These endearing friendships in Halik prove how strong their ties are

A true friend is someone who would stick by your side through the ups and downs of life and who would never leave you when the rest of the world turn their backs on you.

In this ever-changing and complicated world, it is said that finding genuine people, more so genuine friendships, is truly difficult because “user-friendly” people are blatant, or those who would only be there for you because you’re still beneficial to them and would later on ignore you when you’re downtrodden.

Aside from that, others also find it hard to maintain their bonds because many of us are getting too occupied with our respective pursuits, such as our careers, families, and other activities, or there are issues that would arise at one point in our lives. 

Thus, you should consider yourself really blessed if you have found at least one, just like these characters of the controversial primetime teleserye Halik, who are surrounded with person or persons they can depend on.

Jade and Marissa

There’s an adage that says “birds with the same feather, flock together” that speaks true to the infallible bond of Jade Flores-Bartolome (Yam Concepcion) and Marissa Toledo (Niña Dolino). 



Used to both work in the same real state agency as brokers, they have developed a friendship that could definitely withstand the test of time for they have hurdled different obstacles hand-in-hand, especially as mistresses of the men they love.



As they treat each other as sisters, from which their call sign “sissy” was derived, they make sure to be on each other’s side not only in times of joy and triumph, but most importantly in times of trouble and despair.




Jade was there when Marissa was left with nothing after the legal wife of her lover kicked her out of the house and took back the posh car he had given her. Meanwhile, the latter has shown the former her relentless support for her and became her shoulder to cry on every time she encounters problems, particularly with regards to her illicit affair with Ace.

Their relationship might have infuriated us, these besties arguably amused us at the same time through their conversations and shenanigans.

Jacky and friends

This terrible trio proves that they’re all in this together when it comes to confronting the trials and challenges that anyone of them has to face.



We already lost count how many times Chari (Chai Fonacier) and Ken (Hero Angeles) willingly served as the protectors or sidekicks of Jacky (Yen Santos) whenever Ace messes up with her or his paramour Jade and her “sissy” would bully her.



Although Ace was really their boss, their loyalty remained to her so they expressed their eagerness to follow suit when she resigned from their family’s company. Besides, who would forget those moments when they backed her up when they confronted Marissa and Ace in separate occasions that we surely wouldn’t forget.


Their straightforwardness and aggressiveness make them the buddies you would wish to have if you don’t have enough guts to deal with someone who crossed you. Plus, their unmistakable humor and on-point life advices would really lighten up the gloom or grudge you feel and enlighten you to fight for what you believe is right.

Lino and Barry

A perfect friendship is not based on how many happy memories you shared, but in how many times you accompanied one another in times of misery and trouble. 


That’s what the brotherly love of Lino (Jericho Rosales) and Barry (Christian Bables) has demonstrated for they have been each other’s most trusted confidante both in personal life and in business.


As business partners, they have conquered a lot of troubles their joint furniture-making venture, Dos Disenyos, have encountered.


Since the former has been undergoing an extremely nerve-wracking and confusing situation with regards to her unfaithful wife Jade, the latter never left his side even though there are instances that Lino passes on his anger to him and their employees. Instead, he pacifies him by advising not to bring his personal troubles at work and that he should calm down and take a break first for his mind to be cleared of dark thoughts and his heart of negative emotions.


Of course, their bond is not merely filled with trials, because they also know how to enjoy each other’s company through simple bonding activities and teasing one another as if they’re still teenagers.

These admirable friendships only show that it still possible to meet people who will understand and accept the real you no matter what and is willing to put color in your gloomy world by giving you the happiness that you truly need. May these Halik BFFs last until the very end!