Behind-the-Scenes: Got to Believe Pictorial with KathNiel

Legions of fans would all agree that KathNiel’s Got to Believe was one of the most phenomenal projects they served over almost a decade of team-up. It was truly, how-else-can-we-put-it, magical! To make us believe in the series’ magic even more, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla even brought home accolades from Vietnam’s Face of the Year Awards in 2016 for their performances in Got to Believe. They were the recipient of the Best Foreign Actor and Best Foreign Actress trophies, based on the votes garnered from Vietnamese audiences. Yes, the show conquered Southeast Asian viewers.

LOOK: Behind-The-Scenes Photos of Team Got To Believe

Quirky poor girl meets spoiled rich boy is indeed a tried-and-tested formula in the history of Pinoy romantic-comedy. But, still, there has to be so much more than a cheesy plot to determine a teleserye’s success. Number one on the list is chemistry! Daniel and Kathryn, when seen together, have an electric appeal that could send ‘kilig’ even to a calloused heart.

In this behind-the-scene footage from their pictorial, KathNiel shows us how they bring this chemistry in photos. First to face the cameras is Daniel, wearing Joaquin Manansala’s laidback look. He played with a booby trap and coated his face with naughty confidence like how he pulled off that memorable prank in one scene from the series.

Kathryn had an exciting time as well as she dressed up in Chichay Tampipi’s trademark penchant for colourful prints. The actress had to stretch her arms upward and act terrified; while two assistants pull her hair up and release them right on cue. The result is photos of a frantic Kathryn looking as though she’s hanging upside down. Now, that’s magic!  And as usual, the photoshoot ended with the duo displaying their contagious exuberance.

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