Watch these Goin’ Bullilit kiddos who impressed with their portrayal of mother roles!

In its 14 years on television, Goin’ Bulilit had been a home for aspiring and up-and-coming child stars wherein they could further hone and display their different talents as they develop their personalities and enjoy their childhood at the same time.

Their funny and relatable sketches did not simply exhibit their impressive acting chops, but also helped them prepare for the possible future roles they’re going to assume once they chose to pursue a career in show business when they get older.

Just take for example the adorable Goin’ Bulilit girls featured in this video who immediately astounded us with their versatility in portraying mother figures to their younger castmates on-screen.

Jane Oineza

For an episode of “Rekolilit”, Jane was a generous mom who’s willing to give her son Php500 once he passed his Math subject. But that wouldn’t happen anymore after he broke the ‘good news’ to her that she wouldn’t have to shell out a bill as he apparently failed.

Julia Montes

On that same episode, Julia was in the shoes of a hands-on mom who oversees everything that her daughter does, even her letter to her friend. As she noticed how slow she wrote, Julia asked her child to which the latter replied, “Okay lang, mabagal din naman siyang magbasa e.”

Miles Ocampo

In a Holy Week special of Goin’ Bulilit, Miles made us laugh as with her portrayal of a dutiful wife and mother who was accosted by her husband for preparing pork viands not because of the season, but of the Food-and-Mouth Disease. Yet she still got angry and yelled, “Tumigil ka nga, puro ka pamahiin e!”

Sharlene San Pedro

From usually taking on child roles, Sharlene’s turn to become the mom eventually came when she was already among the older bulilits. In this episode, she was the wife of Nash Aguas’ character who, along with their two children, couldn’t help but laugh as her husband took home and introduced to them his illegitimate child – a hand.

Trina “Hopia” Legaspi

With the success of the classic soap opera Gulong Ng Palad, the gag show created a parody of it titled “Ginulungang Palad”, wherein Hopia astonished us with her dramatic chops and comedic flair at the same time in playing the ever-emotional woman yet loving homemaker Remedios.  

Casey da Silva

As the older bulilit girls already graduated, it was Casey’s time to shine as one of the mother figures of their batch. In the “Mahirap Magmahal” skit, she played “Mila” – a hardworking yet irrationally traditional mom who got mad after her daughter expressed that she wanted to become an engineer and not a house helper like everyone in their family.

She and husband Roberto further reprimanded her when they caught her being close with their employers’ heir Justine, who they considered as a hindrance for their dreams for him. Hilariously weird indeed.

Mutya Orquia

As she gets older, Mutya began to take on mother roles as well, such as in this “Hay, Tatay” sketch. Just when we assumed that she’s going to be a domineering mom and wife to Clarence Delgado’s character, we found out in this episode that she’s actually not for she was just chill unlike her husband.

Cessa Moncera

Cessa portrayed different roles during her stint in Goin’ Bulilit, but her as a mom was one of our favorites. Having “NotNot Panot” as a child could be burdensome. Thus, we could really understand the rage of Cessa’s character as his mom who apparently couldn’t handle his naughtiness and reasonableness, as he always has his reasons every time she reprimanded him.

Mitch Naco

From being a talented impersonator of Korean idol Sandara Park, Mitch went on to become a favorite mother figure in the long-running comedy program. In a compilation of skits regarding the parenting differences then and now, many moms were surely able to relate with how her character scolded her daughter for attempting to not tell the truth about breaking their vase.

Allyson McBride

On that same episode, Allyson amused us with how she nagged her daughter for spending a lot of time on the phone – from warning her that she would have their telephone line cut then if she would not stop talking to telling her that she would slice her fingers if she would not stop scrolling through her mobile phone.

Who among these Goin’ Bulilit moms reminded you of your own, or even yourself?