Revisit the Goin’ Bulilit cast’s memorable trips abroad!

For 14 years, Goin’ Bulilit did not only become a second home for innumerable child stars that paved their way to their ambition of making it to show business, but it also served as their playground that enabled them to meet new friends and explore the world.

And with “exploring the world”, we do not only mean it figuratively but also literally as the gregarious cast were indeed able to fly abroad to shoot certain episodes and travel at the same time in the past years. Revisit their memorable international trips in this feature!

Planning to go to Japan? Bugoy Cariño enumerated four basic tips you should keep in mind if you’re going to visit the “Land of the Rising Sun”.

Marco Masa did the same when they went to Taiwan in 2018, but he more zeroed in giving five brilliant suggestions to avoid getting lost during tours.

From giving tips, the cast gave us a glimpse on what to see, expect, and do, as well as how to make the most of your visit in Hong Kong Disneyland through their hilarious skits.

The same went for the former bulilits’ trip to Macau years ago, wherein they made us laugh with their relatable sketches with regards to the common scenarios among Pinoy travelers in Macau.

And in 2015, the Goin’ Bulilit kiddos made every K-Pop fan’s dream come true when they went to South Korea. Apart from the skits, they also amused us with their spoofs of Korean superstar PSY’s “Gangnam Style” music video and of the well-loved Kapamilya kidserye Honesto.

Are these Goin’ Bulilit getaways excite you more to travel? So, which international destination are you eyeing to visit once the pandemic is over?