How Jane Oineza captivated viewers with comedic chops, cuteness in her Goin’ Bulilit days

Jane Oineza is undoubtedly one of those stars whose growth as an individual and as an artist we’re able to witness through the years. From being among most sought-after child stars of the early 2000s, we’re able to see her bloom into becoming one of the most versatile and seasoned actresses of her generation.

Ever since she was a kid, she’s already astounded us with her television portrayals, starting off as the younger counterparts of the leading ladies in the classic teleseryes Sa Dulo Ng Walang Hanggan (2001), Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas (2003), and Marina (2004). She was then tapped to be part of the longest-running kiddie gag show Goin’ Bulilit, wherein she got to further hone her acting prowess and captivate us with her comedic chops, unmistakable cuteness, and infectious laughter at the same time.

It may have been already 12 years since she graduated from the program in 2008, yet we can still remember some of the remarkable characters she played (and her infectious laughter!), such as the ones that are included in this Kapamilya Toplist video.

The 24-year-old actress used to amuse us with her depiction of various types of mother to all sorts of interesting kids when she was seemingly nearing the bulilit’s departure age of 12 years old. She portrayed a mom who was fond of comparing her baby to another, a mom who had a clever and considerate son, and a mom who had a son that’s too conscious about superstitions in a number of skits.

Besides, she also assumed roles of grown-up girls who had to deal with troublesome relationships – having a husband who was always late, a husband who just didn’t understand her, and a clueless boyfriend.

Jane got to pull off on-point acting in several crazy scenarios, such as when a fellow commuter ridiculed her for taking the train, when a stranger asked her an obvious question, and when a joke killed her entire family.

Thus, Jane has nothing but gratitude for the chance to have been part of Goin’ Bulilit.

“’Di talaga nawawala ang Goin’ Bulilit lagi ‘pag ine-explain ko ‘yong ako kasi part na siya ng buhay ko, kinalakihan ko siya, at ang laki ng naitulong at ang laki ng tatak niya sa akin,” she told DJ Jhai Ho in her guesting on Jeepney TV’s Showbiz Pa More.

We can’t wait to see what she will be showing off to Kapamilyas in the future as the mature and grown up Jane Oineza.