Goin’ Bulilit kids spread holiday cheer in these hilarious Christmas skits and spoofs

Kids are certainly the most excited during the season of Christmas because of the things they eagerly anticipate—from exchanging gifts to caroling to receiving presents from their parents, ninongs and ninangs. This very special celebration is really the perfect time to create some of the best and funniest memories

Even the cast members of Goin Bulilit unleash their holiday spirit every year to offer hilariously relatable jokes and skits!

Every Christmas season, the bulilits would deliver funny skits about Christmas carols. These show different types of children carolers who go from house to house to sing classic Christmas songs.

Another tradition that many Filipinos practice during the season of Christmas, which is putting up Christmas decorations. And the bulilits make hilarious jokes about these Christmas decors. The kids made up funny reasons as to why they put decorations like Christmas trees, Christmas balls, and Christmas socks.

Filipinos are also known to have family reunions every Christmas. That is why the Goin Bulilit kids also got to share funny jokes about family reunions during the holiday season. Chuchay (Chunsa Jung) also didn’t want to miss Santa Claus as she anxiously waited for him. In Regalo ng Tatlo, Nash Aguas, Basty Alcanses, and Aaron Junatas hilariously exchanged Christmas presents. Goin Bulilit did as well a Christmas spoof of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano where Cardo and the members of Vendetta exchanged gifts.

“Hitback” also once featured the former cast members’ version of “Araw-Araw Ay Pasko.” And of course, they played some games on set that are perfect for Christmas parties.

Aside from all the fun and excitement, Goin Bulilit also shared on how to be a wise spender during Christmas as Marco Masa shared tips on how to manage one’s expenses this holiday season. Mutya Orquia then gave practical tips on how to choose a prospective house when going caroling as “Ate Carol.”

This Christmas season, don’t forget to laugh and spread good vibes!