10 most watched videos of Goin’ Bulilit on YouTube

In the past 14 years, Goin’ Bulilit has been apparently the most well-loved comedy program in the country, as attested by its high ratings and longtime run that the shows of rival networks slated on the same block found difficult to surpass.

But as time went by, with the advent of the internet, the continuous technological advancements, and the sudden boost in the creation and consumption of digital contents in the previous decade, the laughter and good vibes the kiddie comedy program has been delivering via television were able to be extended to the online world, too!

After each airing, the full episode can be seen on iWant, while the segmented version is uploaded on the official YouTube Channel of ABS-CBN Entertainment wherein we could watch it per segment.

Impressively, it wasn’t only on TV that the show satisfyingly fared but also online as the videos uploaded on the video-sharing site have consistently raked in thousands and millions of views! Here a countdown of the top-grossing videos of Goin’ Bulilit:

10. Goin Bulilit: Inside the Hospital

Number of views: 7,526,726

A few days after New Year’s Day, the kids ushered in the brand New Year by delivering us sketches showing the usual and bizarre scenarios in hospitals during the holiday and injecting doses of comedy.

9. Goin' Bulilit: Funny jokes about tricycle

Number of views: 8,205,215

In our everyday commute, riding a tricycle is surely a part of it. So, the creators came up with funny skits related to this everyday on-the-road adventure which we have probably encountered or about to encounter on our next ride.

8. Goin' Bulilit: Beat the summer heat!

Number of views: 8,296,526

As summer began last year, the wacky kiddos truly made us laugh with the cool, droll sketches with regards to scorching season.

7. Goin' Bulilit: Stupid Cupid

Number of views: 8,663,191

We all know that Cupid’s main job is to connect the hearts of two people who he deemed are right for each other. But our very own Cupid, in person of Raikko Matteo, apparently failed in his mission as he unintentionally aimed his arrow at the wrong person.

6. Goin' Bulilit: Legend of Tansan

Number of views: 8,997,207

Half-naked and sporting a disheveled wig, alumnus JB Agustin told us the unknown tale of one of our mighty childhood heroes, Tarzan. We found out that the real reason behind his iconic bellow was when he accidentally stepped on a bottle crown (or tansan), and that he actually shouted “Aray”. 

5. Goin' Bulilit: Simbang Gabi

Number of views: 10,803,128

Just in time for Yuletide, the “Chuchay” segment featured the hilarious story of the cute yet naughty titular character portrayed by Chunsa Jung and her mom (Bea Basa) on the very first day of the Simbang Gabi 2015.

4. Goin' Bulilit: Bulilits sing Vice Ganda's "Akin Ka Na Lang"

Number of views: 11,129,686

Fresh from their debut in the first season of It’s Showtime’s “Mini Me”, grand finalists Mitch Naco and Josh de Guzman thrilled us with their adorable chemistry in the music video they filmed for Vice Ganda’s “Akin Ka Na Lang”.

3. Goin' Bulilit: Math problems

Number of views: 13,762,558

Budding child star Nathan was back again to reprise his role as a noob pupil whose battle with Mathematics wasn’t over yet. 

2. Goin' Bulilit: Jokes about flood

Number of views: 14,510,213

We, Filipinos, are known for our resiliency amidst catastrophes and trials, right? And this is seemingly what they wanted to demonstrate in this compilation of sketches about flood – how we’re still able to look at the brighter side of things in spite of challenges.

1. Goin' Bulilit: Nathan vs. Math

Number of views: 35,833,493

Embarking on the same path as his Mommy Camille Prats, Nathan Linsangan tried his acting chops as well by debuting in the comedy show.

In this sketch, he played the role of a pupil having a hard time answering the Math equation given by their teacher (Mutya Orquia) on the board. His buddy (CX Navarro) tried to help him to no avail. 

Whether or not we’re ready to bid farewell to the comedy program we all loved in the past 14 years, all good things really have to come an end. We’re surely going to miss you, Goin’ Bulilit! Ba-bye!