Allyson McBride’s witty and captivating journey on Goin’ Bulilit

Photo credit to allysonmcbrideofficial IG

In 2014, we already saw Allyson McBride as the young Mira in the fantasy drama series Mirabella. After showing us her great potential in acting, she continues to shine by being a part of the longest running kiddie gag show in the country, Goin’ Bulilit.

With her sparkling eyes and fascinating smile that could easily brighten up anyone’s mood, Allyson is indeed one of the lovely girls that made us smile and laugh on Goin’ Bulilit. Beyond being funny, she has shown how she can be exceptional on every scene. 

The Next Darna

On one of the showbiz reports in the segment titled “GB Patrol”, Allyson became one of the girls who auditioned to be the next Darna. Allyson was the first one who tried to get the role and upon entering the scene, we can already see the eagerness she showed while having a conversation with the juror. 

“Tamang Tiyempo Kung Kelan Magpapaalam Kay Tatay”

Although we can see that Allyson’s charm is enough to convince a person, she gave the other girls like her a witty yet quite a useful tip when it comes to asking for a father’s permission in going out with your boyfriend. We witnessed how Allyson pulled off this scene in the segment titled “Tamang Tiyempo Kung Kelan Magpapaalam Kay Tatay”.

Gift Wrapper

What if you went to a gift wrapping station but the gift wrappers won’t wrap your present? Instead, they give you a short rap song based on the item you bought. Not only do they waste your time, they also talk offensively by implying that you made the wrong decision to buy that kind of gift. How will you react in such situation? On the “Gift wRapper” segment of Goin’ Bulilit, Allyson showed us how to speak up wand what exactly do we need to say when that unusual scenario happens.

Pinakamagandang Babae

Seeing how beautiful Allyson is, it is unquestionable why she once played as the “Pinakamagandang Babae” in the show. Even outside the show, it is truly possible that she can get a boy to immediately fall in love with her through her enthralling smile.

“Galit Ka Ba?”

Asking questions is a good thing. But asking the same question repeatedly? That might really get someone so irritated! This is exactly what Allyson showed us as the nagging wife on the “Galit Ka Ba?” segment of the show.

Chinese versions of Kapamilya shows

Having such “chinky eyes”, Allyson became the Chinita muse of the show in the opening scene on Goin’ Bulilit’s Chinese New Year celebration episode. Along with Marco Masa and Raikko Matteo, Allyson gave us the Chinese versions of some of our Kapamilya shows.

Now, Allyson is ready to spread her wings and fly to the new chapter of her career. Months before her Goin’ Bulilit graduation, she already became part of the situational comedy show titled Home Sweetie Home. She’s partnered with her co-‘bulilit’ actor Clarence Delgado.

As Allyson bids farewell to Goin’ Bulilit, we can clearly see that she does have a bright future ahead of her. Congratulations, Allyson! We wish you countless blessings always.