JB Agustin’s funniest performances on Goin’ Bulilit

Photo credit to jbagustin21 IG

JB Agustin, who is set to close a chapter in his career as a child performer by graduating from Goin’ Bulilit, has long proven that he really got what it takes to be a great actor. Before being a regular in the kiddie gag show, JB already appeared in the 2011 romantic comedy film "Won’t Last A Day Without You", which starred Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson.

In the same year JB joined Goin’ Bulilit, he took the spotlight with a lead role in Little Champ, opposite veteran actor Lito Lapid and It’s Showtime host Jhong Hilario. After that, JB continuously appeared on Kapamilya shows, such as guest stints on the toprating Primetime show FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, and the weekly anthologies Wansapanataym, Maalaala Mo Kaya and Ipaglaban Mo.

As part of the Goin’ Bulilit family, the cute and adorable JB grew up right before our eyes. Even at his tender age, JB gave his best to make us laugh with the different comical roles he portrayed in our most beloved kiddie gag show.

But before JB moves forward in his career, let’s take a look back at some of his zany roles and hilarious sketches and parodies on Goin’ Bulilit.

1. Kuya Kin


On a segment titled “Now I Know”, JB comically copied Kim Atienza or Kuya Kim. Like how Kuya Kim does it in the weekly science-environmental educational show titled Matanglawin, JB gave us some funny “facts” about animals in the jungle.

2. Tansan


We all know the Legend of Tarzan, but do you know about the “Legend of Tansan”? JB showed us why the mighty Tansan does not want to set his foot on the ground again, and just chooses to let himself swing on the thick vines of the jungle.

3. Cupcake


From portraying such handsome and mighty men, JB showed us his versatility by giving us a high pitch in portraying the beautiful ‘kikay’ named Cupcake. As Cupcake, JB has become one of the three ‘girls’ who gives us the most amusing ‘chika’s’ in the segment titled “Sinetch Itey”.

4. Jeff Tulpo


It’s really impressive how JB can act on the segment titled “Isumbong Mo Kay Jeff Tulpo”, JB showed us he can be terrifyingly serious while making us laugh as the short-tempered Jeff Tulpo.

5. The “Macho-nurin” and the “Tatay-minator” Father


For the show’s Father’s Day special edition, JB portrayed the different types of father like the “Macho-nurin” and the “Tatay-minator” in the special segment called “Iba’t ibang Klase ng Tatay”. Along with the other ‘bulilits’, JB gave us a comical spoof of the half real types of father in our country.

6. GB Patrol Anchor


JB also showed us that he can exude a sense of authority in portraying a role like the news anchor on the segment titled “GB Patrol”. In delivering the news, JB managed to keep the firm personality even though he’s delivering such a hilarious story.

7. ‘Pinakamalas na tao sa balat ng lupa’

At his young age, JB already tried to pull off a type of a slapstick comedy where the act involves physical activities to stir up humor in the audience. In the segment titled “I-Post Mo, Miss So Cute”, JB portrayed the hilarious character who is called ‘pinakamalas na tao sa balat ng lupa’.

8. Feng Shui Expert


Finally, far from the usual serious and manly characters he did, JB imitated the famous Feng Shui expert Master Hanz Cua. JB succeeded in mimicking the tone, delivery, and other nuances of Master Hanz.

Surely, no one can portray those roles like how JB amazingly did it. JB has completed his journey and is undoubtedly ready to go to the next level as he graduates from the Bulilit Family.

Best of luck on your future endeavors, JB!