Dalaga’t binata na sila! Goin’ Bulilit graduates, nag-reunion!

Natuloy din ❤️

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Time really flies when you are having fun!

Goin Bulilit has been on air since 2005. As a gag show dedicated for kids, it has been a stepping stone for child stars hoping to get an early start into the industry. And with over a decade under their belt, many of our favorite Kapamilya stars are actually graduates of the series.

So, if you are missing the old gang, then consider this a really early Christmas gift. Kathryn, Sharlene San Pedro, Miles Ocampo, Igiboy Flores, Kristel Fulgar and John Manalo all met up recently! Photos of their reunion was shared on Instagram and everyone in the comments are celebrating.

“Natuloy din,” Kristel captioned her post. We are guessing that they have been planning this for a while. On the other hand, John simply wrote “OG” along with his post. The best part, however, is how many of their longtime supporters are actually part of this reunion. The comments section holds enough proof to say that fans have also grown up alongside these former bulilits. To see the graduates all together definitely brings back memories for everyone.

One of the most known alumnae is Kathryn. For sure, she is someone who no longer needs an introduction. We are all up to date about her recent projects. Sharlene has made headlines as well as because of the suspense-thriller film “Class of 2018” and iWant’s original movie “The Gift.” Both projects also serve as a comeback for her love team, NashLene, with fellow Goin Bulilit graduate Nash Aguas.

Meanwhile, you can catch Miles and Igi on Home Sweetie Home. Kristel has been successful on YouTube with a channel that has reached over 600 thousand subscribers, as of writing. As for John, he graduated from University of Santo Tomas last year with a degree in Communication Arts.

Who else is wishing the graduates would make a guest appearance on Goin Bulilit? We are!