Laugh out loud with Vice Ganda and the GGV Squad’s timeless humor

Late-night talk show Gandang Gabi Vice used to wrap up our weekends with good vibes, laughter, and all-out entertainment. The hilarity would even double, or multiply a thousand times more, when host Vice Ganda is joined by her silly sidekicks. So, we present to you the funniest moments of Vice with his friends because the squad that laughs together, stays together!

Vice and fellow comedians often sell out each other’s deepest secrets to the GGV viewers. Why not make the ‘bukingan’ more fun? In one segment hosted by Wacky Kiray, Vice together with Negi, Lassy, and MC Muah used their giant foam hands to hit the one that matched certain descriptions.

The first strikes went to Lassy who pretended as a street kid in the past. The playtime resulted to sidesplitting violence, so much Lassy had to clarify the number of spanks required. Someone said 72 times. Negi volunteered to receive the next punishment, assuming that he was the honor student among them. It was MC.  

They next targeted the squad member caught putting on eyeliner as a kid and the one with ugly ‘luya’ feet. It was Vice. Although scared at first, the sidekicks took their revenge. They jestingly declared fairness and no favortism.

The next video was a cut from Raffy Tulfo’s guesting on the show. Known as the public’s go-to mediator, Raffy solved the funny problems aired by Vice and his buddies. Negi spoke first about Petite’s big appetite. He joked that Petite takes their meal and that she ate the spoiled nilaga leftover that tasted like sinigang. In defense, Petite said that she finishes even the wastes out of thrift and concern for those who are starving. He removes the bubbles on top of the soup, anyway. Raffy’s verdict: lock up Petite in a prison with other males. Such a heavenly punishment for the offender!

Vice complained next about his friends who often steal stuff from his dressing room. He said that Negi even managed to take the pair of contact lens he was wearing. Raffy suggested cutting off the culprit’s hands.  

Vice further whined about the confusing resemblance between Lassy’s face and rough cookie texture. The gang didn’t let the opportunity pass without divulging Vice’s alleged bullying acts to the public affair’s host.  

In the next video, Negi, Wacky, and MC tried to outdo each other in the ‘blessings’ they got from Vice. Wacky spoke first and shared that he was able to travel abroad because of the Unkabogable Star. They laughed about Wacky’s suitcase wrapped with packing tapes on his first trip.   

Negi dubbed herself as the Unkabgable Sidekick, saying Vice often gifts him with contact lenses and false eyelashes. Vice aired his protest and clarified that those weren’t gifts but simply stolen by Negi. We heard Vice narrate the priceless contact lens incident once again. “Ang pinakamalalang nanakaw sa akin ni Negi, ‘yung contact lens ko, nakuha niya habang suot ko nang ‘di ko namamalayan.”

The trio also reported a brawl between Vice and a guy in Puerto Galera. They said that Vice looked feminine then, wearing spaghetti straps and shorts, but he knocked out the bigger opponent.

They playfully accused Vice of stealing their boyfriends, tagging him as the “snakey serna” of the group. In defense, Vice clarified that it was MC who stole the waiter he was flirting with at Laffline Comedy Bar before he pursued showbiz. Lastly, Negi revealed that Vice once sponsored a baptismal party he wasn’t invited to.

In the final video, Vice, Wacky, Negi, and the late comedian Chokoleit talked about plastic surgery. They poked fun at Wacky’s nose and facial skin. Chokoleit, when asked if he went under the knife, retorted, “Kung nagparetoke ako, anong itsura ko noon? Maganda ako dati, nagsawa ako, pinaganito ko?” he said, pointing at his face. Chockoleit added that he has no plans of undergoing surgery, for he is a comedian and not a sexy star.

The topic was turned to their screen names when Vice asked Chokoleit and Negi to baptize each other with new identities. Negi called his friend Chokoleit Pangit. The latter thought of inserting ‘teh’ as Negi’s first name, so it would have to be ‘Teh Negi’ which sounds like ‘tinegi,’ meaning killed in gay lingo.

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