Ivana, natatakot sa mga manliligaw: ‘Baka lokohin niyo lang ako.’

With videos of her doing daily chores like doing the laundry or cooking meals, especially her favorite bulalo, with her own distinctive alluring style racking up tens of millions of views each on YouTube, who could deny Ivana Alawi is the new “pantasya ng bayan”?

Not even Vice Ganda, who guested the gorgeous, stunning and sexy rising star on Gandang Gabi Vice last Sunday, February 23.

PHOTOS: Ivana Alawi on Gandang Gabi Vice

In this episode, we got know more about this viral lady, who is getting more exposed and talked about each passing day, as she appears not only on TV and online, but also on phone galleries and wallpapers of predominantly male fans—images she said she would encourage them to delete.

We even see the Unkabogable Star hilariously “losing confidence” sitting beside Ivana, as he even gets “turned on” with her when she played flirty in a humorous segment. She would also answer revealing questions about a past relationship, her being an “heiress” of her late Moroccan father’s fortune, features of a man that excite her, the importance of “size,” and other stimulating queries.

And just like her viral videos, she would demonstrate her own way of doing daily ordinary chores, such as fetching water from a pump, and even taking a shower—all of which creating quite a stir in the studio.

Catch more of Ivana in this revealing interview on GGV.

Ivana is set to star in the upcoming teleserye Ang Lihim ni Ligaya, soon on ABS-CBN!