Craziest pranks on Gandang Gabi Vice

Pranks are hilarious. Although, the victims probably feel differently. There are a variety of pranks on the internet, but Gandang Gabi Vice knows how to make them a mix of funny and scary. From arrests to asthma attacks, check out these moments from the late-night talk show!

Joshua Garcia and McCoy de Leon under arrest

McCoy de Leon and Joshua Garcia were preparing for an interview when two private investigators suddenly arrived. Little did McCoy know it was all a scheme by Vice Ganda! Even his mother was an accomplice. The private investigators claimed to have found the Hashtag member’s then missing driver’s license at a location under surveillance.

The situation became heated when Joshua resisted to cooperate, “Lisensya n’ya ‘yan sir. Ba’t kasama ako dyan?” One of private investigators tried to grab him. McCoy tried to deescalate the confrontation and was then handed with the warrant. “McCoy, ikaw ay pinaaresto ni Vice Ganda sa salang paniniwala sa panggu-goodtime na ito,” it read.

John Lloyd Cruz’s diva attitude

After a press conference for “Finally Found Someone”, Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz had an exclusive interview with Nazamel Tabares, Kate Adajar, and MJ de Leon. Aside from the interview, however, JLC had a special performance prepared for his leading lady and their guest bloggers.

When asked about the box office milestone of the movie, John Lloyd said with a straight face that he wants to earn one billion pesos. He only laughed at the next question and then dismissed the others as irrelevant. “Lloydie okay ka lang?” Sarah worried. At one point the Kapamilya star said to Nazamel, “You’re wasting my time, brother.” He dared to accuse the press of not caring about the truth and brainwashing their audience. By the time the prank was revealed, everyone was sweating nervously.

Maymay Entrata tries to save Kisses Delavin

While waiting in the dressing room for their first ever Gandang Gabi Vice appearance, Kisses Delavin sprayed herself with a perfume and suddenly had an asthma attack. Alone together, Maymay Entrata tried everything to help. She looked for an inhaler, offered soothing words, gave a massage, and then screamed to get someone’s attention.

When Kisses started hysterically crying, Maymay attempted to carry her out of the room. Eventually, our best actress fainted which made Maymay cry too. Kisses deserved an award for how well she sold her asthma attack.

Julia Montes’ Kara-Sara personality

Two lucky fans of Julia Montes got to meet the Kapamilya leading lady over lunch. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity, especially because Doble Kara’s Kara and Sara planned to make an appearance. Indeed, this GGV prank was unique because the victims are the fans.

Scary Sara arrived first. When the fans asked for a photo, Julia refused because she was too stressed out. After a quick trip to the restroom, she returned as sweet Kara and they took the photo with big smiles on their faces. Julia left for the restroom again and decided to leave her bag with one of the fans. When she came back, her phone was suddenly missing. The prime suspect was the now nervous fan. Eventually, Julia ended the prank and the fan burst into tears.

Which of these pranks is your favorite?