Happy ending ng Gandang Gabi Vice kasama si Raffy Tulfo

A surprisingly animated yet personal side of famous media personality “Idol” Raffy Tulfo came out on the final episode of Gandang Gabi Vice on March 8.

PHOTOS: Raffy Tulfo, nakisaya sa Gandang Gabi Vice Finale

In this fun and revealing episode, host Vice Ganda disclosed his longtime friendship with Raffy, going back to his comedy bar days in the 2000s, and thanked the public affairs host for the help when he started as a standup comedian. Raffy also shared living in the US for 13 years, owning a pizza parlor, before coming back to the Philippines and resume his media career.

Another fun segment showed Raffy playing “Isumbong Mo, Kapwa Mo Tulfo” wherein he would match certain descriptions and characteristics with himself or with his brothers. During this segment, he would reveal “Sino ang pinakamatapang?” “Sino ang pinakagwapo?” and “Sino ang pinakamayaman” among his siblings by playfully soft-punching those who were “masquerading” as the Tulfo brothers—Mon (Negi), Ben (Lassy) and Erwin (Petite).

Raffy would then reveal how he shows his affection to wife Celyn, and how they spend leisure and intimate moments together privately and with their children. Vice also commends Raffy and his wife for brandishing a distinct fashion style even millennials identify with.

To further prove this, Vice would ask Raffy to take part in a craze popular among youngsters—the TikTok. Vice dared Raffy to take on two TikTok challenges, the “Face Zoom” and the “AHI Dance,” which he gamely accepted.

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