PAANDAR 2019: 8 online sensations who shone brighter in their Gandang Gabi Vice guestings

Before becoming one of the most iconic stars of the country, we all know that the Unkabogable Star Vice Ganda went through humble beginnings. From being a stand-up comedian in comedy bars, he became part of It’s Showtime. His career skyrocketed and now, he is one of the critically-acclaimed biggest stars in the entertainment industry.

As someone who struggled before reaching sweet success, Vice understood how hard it is to pursue your dream and make a mark on the industry. Thus, we can clearly see how much the 43-year-old comedian-host strives to help people have their moment under the spotlight. And before we cap 2019 off, let’s revisit the times when he was able to share the stage with eight people who became sensational on social media through his Sunday late-night talk show Gandang Gabi Vice.


1. Mimiyuuuh

Prominent for making the wittiest gestures for “Dalagang Pilipina”, Jeremy Sancebuche, who also swears by the screenname “Mimiyuuuh”, performed the said hit song with its singer, the, Pinoy hip hop group called ALLMO$T. During the interview, GGV host Vice Ganda recalled the first time he met one of YouTube’s fastest-rising vloggers.

It was back in 2013 when Vice first met Mimiyuuuh when the latter visited GGV. Mimiyuuuh was still a college student then who pursued fashion design. After that meeting, Vice wore one of the Mimiyuuuh’s creations in 2013, making the designer-vlogger’s dream come true.


2. ‘You Do Note’ Girl

Widely known as the ‘You Do Note’ Girl, Marjorry “Majo” Lingat appeared on GGV during the guesting of The Gold Squad in the show. Majo rose to fame after her video, wherein she was imitating the characters in the phenomenal afternoon drama series Kadenang Ginto, went viral on social media. Meeting her idols Andrea Brillantes, Seth Fedelin, Francine Diaz and Kyle Echarri on the show, Majo wowed and amused us at the same time after her acting face-off with them.


3.Mayor’ Aaron Sunga

Six-year-old aspiring mayor named Aaron Sunga paid GGV a visit during Manila City Mayor Isko “Yorme” Moreno guesting on the show. The young boy who was clad in a formal Barong Tagalog attire went to talk about his plans of action if he would be elected as mayor in the future. The young boy also left everyone amazed by giving the Manila City mayor some pieces of advice on how to handle the waste management in the city, how to solve the traffic, and other environmental issues.

Aaron went viral for his video wherein he amused us with how he answered and talked like a true mayor.


4. Mark Anthony “Maky” Bonita

After GGV’s singing challenges became a hit, one boy named Mark Anthony “Maky” Bonita took a different level of singing challenge. Unlike Morisette Amon who sang while sitting down, lying on the floor, and while wearing a mouthpiece, Maky belted out the song “Pangarap Ko Ang Ibigin Ka” while standing on one foot and holding his other leg up high. To prove that he’s not lip-synching on his viral video, he sang the song while doing the same position that he did on the video, this time on the GGV stage with the Megastar Sharon Cuneta and the Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid watching him live.


5. Llyam Manuel

Korean pop music is really in right now in the country. Even the youngest ones right now know the right moves to dance along with the famous Korean pop groups today. One perfect example of that is the 4-year-old viral kid named Llyam Manuel, who gained millions of views on the video of his dance covers, channeling Momoland, Twice, and BlackPink.

Last September 2019, GGV host Vice Ganda and MayWard got the chance to actually meet this cute kid and know more about him.


6. Shiela Mae Manggino-an

Although she failed to bag the championship in their school’s Nutrition Month competition, Sheila Mae Manggino-an’s “Nutrition ‘Hugot’ Spoken Word” poetry piece won the hearts of the netizens and brought her to the GGV stage. As the young girl delivered her piece on the said show, host Vice Ganda couldn’t help but react on each point, exclaiming how great the impact of Shiela’s poetry piece is.


7. Joemel Siacor

Viral for his recording of the “Ate Vice Ganda Song,” Joemel Siacor’s dream of meeting his idols and being on television came true when the Phenomenal Box Office Star invited him on GGV. The said song was written by his uncle, Enrico Vidal, specifically for Vice. It follows the tune of the classic song “Kiss Me, Kiss Me”, but had completely different lyrics. Aside from performing the said song, Joemel also sang his favorite song “Tagpuan”. While singing, singer-songwriter Moira Dela Torre surprised him and joined him on stage.


8. Chloe Redondo

Doing the “Pangarap Ko Ang Ibigin Ka” Song Challenge exactly like how Morisette Amon did it on GGV, rising teen singer Chloe Redondo’s video drawn much attention from the netizens. Leveling up the challenge, she took a different kind of dare on the GGV stage. She belted out the same song while holding the microphone desk stand inside an aquarium, filled with many crawling insects in it.

Chloe first appeared on television when she joined Team Sarah on The Voice Teens and now, she continues to pursue her passion in music by having her own YouTube channel, attending concerts, and having other engagements in the entertainment industry.

Want to know who’s the next viral person Vice Ganda will have on his show? Keep yourself posted by watching Gandang Gabi Vice every Sunday night.