5 things Vice Ganda did for the first time GGV

Our weekends always ended in a good note in the past nine years, thanks to the sheer entertainment and good vibes brought by Gandang Gabi Vice. However, as what the oft-quoted adage says, “good things must come to an end,” it has to bid farewell after its successful almost-a-decade run.

But before we get to see its host Vice Ganda on his upcoming new show Everybody, Sing!, let us revisit the five instances when Vice Ganda entertained and astounded us at the same time as he enthusiastically carried out the challenges bestowed to him.

Street caroling

Just in time for the Christmas season in 2018, the Unkabogable Star and Chinita Princess Kim Chiu seemingly went back to their childhood as they roamed somewhere in Metro Manila to do a street caroling. However, unlike the traditional caroling that is door-to-door, the two went from one vehicle to another and gleefully belted out “Jingle Bells” as they asked for ‘tips’ from those aboard the private cars and even a bus!

In the end, they’re able to collect almost three thousand pesos and agreed to add more amount to make it Php10,000. The money they earned was for the benefit of Bantay Bata Donation Campaign.

Being a jeepney barker

Vice, together with his friend and guests Donny Pangilinan and Jerome Ponce, plied the busy streets of Manila City in pursuit of completing the challenging yet fun dares given to them. From the solo challenges of handing a flower to a random girl and uttering a sweet pick-up line and asking a piece of candy from a jeepney driver, up to the group challenges of downing a cup of scramble (or iskrambol) and hollering passengers for a jeepney, the quartet were able to accomplish those and rewarded themselves by gorging a cheeseburger each.

Singing in mid-air

As she put the singing prowess of his real-life good friend K Brosas to the test via the Kalerki Oki Challenge by belting out Jessa Zaragoza’s classic hit “Bakit Pa” while being shaken mid-air though a harness, the Unkabogable Star also challenged himself by trying it as well. He seemingly regretted in the end because it left him in pain.

Singing inside a rolling Zorb

After challenging his guest KZ Tandingan and his anak-anakans Brenda Mage and Chad Kinis to sing while being tucked in a rolling Zorb, the comedian-host heeded to the audiences’ request for him to do it, too!

Kissing Prank with Coco

We all know that Vice and Coco Martin are the best of friends in real life. But what will you do once you catch them kissing or fighting inside the comfort room? While three madlang people should be delighted upon seeing two of the most popular showbiz personalities in the country, that was replaced by horror and jitters upon seeing the two in truly awkward situations. But it was all just a prank!

‘First-times’ are said to be unforgettable, more so are the good vibes and entertainment brought by Gandang Gabi Vice. Are there going to be more ‘first-times’ for the Unkabogable Star on his newest show Everybody Sing!? That’s for us to find out!