PAANDAR 2018: Mga Kapamilya celebs na sumabak sa nakakaaliw na GGV KuryenTanong

In its seven successful years on television, our weekends would not be complete without watching Gandang Gabi Vice every Sunday night.

Through the years, it has never failed to leave us LOLing (laughing out loud) or ROFLing (Rolling on the Floor, Laughing) with the hilarious acts and utterances of its host Vice Ganda, the funny revelations and anecdotes relayed by the guests, and their comedic banters.

In pursuit of offering something new and refreshing, the production always come up with new segments or gimmicks that are absolutely enjoyed not only by the audiences, but of the interviewees as well.

Just recently, they introduced the fun game dubbed “KuryenTanong”, wherein the guest would place one of their hands onto a lie detector toy while Vice asks him/her a series of too controversial questions. If his/her answer is a lie, he/she will be grounded. But if he/she spilled the truth, it will only produce a sound.

Here are some of the celebrities whose “deepest, darkest secrets” got uncovered by this totally exhilarating challenge:

Anne Curtis

Fresh from the adventure-packed honeymoon escapade with her mon amour Erwan Heusaff in Africa, the It’s Showtime mainstay reminisced and imparted to us some of the things they did during their month-long vacation.

She was quizzed by the host, who’s also her best friend, about some steamy stuff which she had to answer on the “KuryenTanong” portion. Her retorts got herself electrically shocked, to the point that she almost broke the toy, implying that she didn’t say at least a single truth.  

JM de Guzman

Since this is a toy, we kind of doubt its credibility. But when the Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Araw Gabi lead actor tried his hand on it, we’re slightly convinced that it’s probably reliable.

However, more than the positive results given by this mini machine, what delighted us more was knowing that he’s already ready to work again in his former flame Jessy Mendiola.

Zanjoe Marudo

As To Love SomeBuddy stars Maja Salvador and Zanjoe Marudo graced GGV last month to promote their movie, the Unkabogable Star didn’t let their guesting to simply slip away without them taking on the “Lie Detector” challenge, which they enthusiastically accepted.

While the hunk actor’s presence is already enough to spark kilig to the heart of Vice (and perhaps to those who are crushing on him as well), his declaration that he has already moved on from his ex-girlfriend Bea Alonzo, which was approved by the unpredictable apparatus, thrilled him even more. We’re happy for you, Z!

Tony Labrusca

Arguably, many girls and girls-at-heart out there began to fantasize him after his highly talked about starring stint on the iWant original movie Glorious, opposite award-winning veteran actress Angel Aquino.

Thus, “KuryenTanong” got a bit steamy for he was asked questions that his admirers perhaps want to ask too. Just watch the video to see if the question you’ve been pining to ask him already got answered!

Vice Ganda

Due to the insistent taunting of her guests-slash-good friends Zanjoe and Maja and the studio audience, the host and Fantastica star gave in to the demand for him to try the game, in which he was asked by the Dance Princess if he’s in love with his close friend and rumored beau PBA player Calvin Abueva.

As he replied “no”, the lie detector machine apparently disagreed to what he said as he got grounded. Maja once again prodded him, which made him utter, “you don’t trust things; you trust feelings”.

Donny Pangilinan and Kisses Delavin

They bewitch us with their thrilling stint on Playhouse, and they’re about to extend it to the big screen as they are among the star-studded ensemble of the upcoming 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival entry Fantastica.

As they compel us with their endearing team-up, their fans are surely curious if what they show us in front of the camera also happens for real, so Vice asked them through the “KuryenTanong” if there’s a possibility that Donny would pursue her and if Kisses has already fallen in love with her partner. Find out their answers and the toy’s reaction.

Maymay Entrata

MayWard is undeniably one of this generation’s hottest and most in-demand pairs because of their unmistakable chemistry on-and-off-screen. That’s why, we couldn’t help but wonder if whatever they’re showing us is simply for a show or everything’s getting real between them.

The Unkabogable Star seemed to be intrigued as well, thus she asked Edward Barber if he and his partner are already a couple, to which he answered “hindi pa”. Afterwards, it was her turn to place her hand on the machine and be asked if her “dudung” already kissed her, to which she replied “sa cheeks, oo, pero sa lips hindi pa”. Did the lie detector toy approved with their retorts? See for yourself!

Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte

Since they just confirmed the true status of their relationship recently, Vice quizzed them about the two most common issues encountered by couples – if Loisa’s trust to her “beh” is 100% and if Ronie hides a secret from her lady love. Find out their answers by clicking on the video!

These celebrities might have lied, but saying that it was indeed another fun-filled and victorious year for “The Trending Capital of the Philippines” is truly not a tall tale. Here’s to another happy new year for Gandang Gabi Vice!