10 most viewed Gandang Gabi Vice videos on YouTube

For many of us, watching Gandang Gabi Vice every Sunday night has been a great way to start the week right as the hilarious wits and puns of its incredible host Vice Ganda, as well as his droll banters with his guests and jesters, have never failed to make us laugh out loud and deliver good vibes to our homes.

In the past nine years, it has produced over 400 episodes that we didn’t only saw on television, but also online via the ABS-CBN Entertainment YouTube Channel. So now, let’s find out which among the GGV videos garnered the highest number of views via this feature.

1. Vice Ganda cries while Lyca Gairanod is singing "Dance With My Father"

Number of views: 15,806,415  views

The song itself is tear jerking enough, but when the nine-year-old Lyca Gairanod sang the Tagalog version of the Luther Vandross hit “Dance With My Father”, the Unkabogable Star (and perhaps even some of us!) wasn’t able to hold back his emotions as the song reminded him of his late father who died when he was still a kid.

2. You Do Note girl exchanges lines with Andrea and Francine

Number of views: 15,255,062 views

After her video of spoofing a scene from Kadenang Ginto went insanely viral, Marjorry “Majo” Lingat became an instant star as she scored a slew of guestings in the Kapamilya network. One of those was in Gandang Gabi Vice, wherein she was bestowed the rare opportunity to meet the Gold Squad, or the four young lead cast of the aforementioned afternoon soap opera – Francine Diaz, Andrea Brillantes, Kyle Echarri, and Seth Fedelin.

The nine-year-old kiddo from Pampanga also had the chance to showcase her acting skills and wittiness opposite Francine, Andrea, Negi, and Brenda Mage, using the garbled script she uttered in her trending video. Aside from that, she went home with a television too, care of Dra. Vicky Belo.

3. Impromptu 'hugot' songs with Kaye Cal and Moira dela Torre

Number of views: 11,398,319 views

Known for their unbelievable songwriting skills, Vice Ganda challenged his guests Moira Dela Torre and Kaye Cal to compose a hugot song on-the-spot based on the title he gave – “Kaya Ko Na Nang Wala Ka”. And of course, the two fast-rising musicians then did a great job in shattering our hearts with the painful lyrics they came up with and their piercing voices, making the host jest that they should never appear on the program again.

4. Mayor Isko meets six-year-old aspiring mayor, Aaron Sunga

Number of views: 11,052,683 views

From amusing us with his witty and funny remarks as a wannabe mayor in his video that spread online like wildfire, the six-year-old viral kid from Bagac, Bataan Aaron Sunga was able to extend his charm on the small screen as he guested on GGV last December.

He also had the chance to meet Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno, who asked for his “sound” advice on what to do regarding the problems his city is currently facing. The politician, in return, gave a suggestion on what he should about his decaying teeth.

5. Why is Daniel upset with Vice Ganda?

Number of views: 11,027,374 views

We all know how great friends Vice and Daniel Padilla have been in real-life. But the host noticed how the King Of Hearts was cold towards him when he guested on his program with loveteam partner Kathryn Bernardo. The latter kept mum as the former persistently asked him the reason behind his weird behavior, to which the Queen Of Hearts confessed that he actually had ill-feelings towards him.

Then after a few moments, Vice finally figured out that it was because of their conversation about his new crush during an awards night which Daniel seemed to take seriously and made him so upset.

6. Then-Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte talks about his lovelife

Number of views: 10,785,118 views

Almost a year before he ran for presidency in the 2016 elections, then-Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte amused us with his unmistakable wit, sense of humor, and banters with the host during his memorable appearance in the comedy talk show five years ago.

7. Vice Ganda gets entertained by Zephanie, Elha and Janine on Mash Up Challenge

Number of views: 10,630,066 views

We already know how talented up-and-rising singers Zephanie Dimaranan, Elha Nympha, and Janine Berdin are, yet they were able to further prove their brilliance as they took on Vice’s mashup challenge. In that game, the GGV band played the same series of notes over and over again, to which the three young singers should think of songs that could suit the set.

The Unkabogable Star started it off by belting out “Narda”, which was followed by the young singers successively belting out “Kulang Ako Kung Wala Ka”, “Nasa Puso”, “Ikaw at Ako”, “Kung Ako Na Lang Sana”, “Huwag Ka Nang Umiyak”, “Dalaga”, “Sayang na Sayang”, “Kahit Na Ayaw Mo Na”, at “Kung ‘Di Rin Lang Ikaw.”

Show jester Negi ended it with “Whoops Kiri”, much to Vice dismay. The latter tried to add ALLMO$T’s “Dalaga”, but it apparently didn’t fit into the notes.

8. Pangarap Ko Ang Ibigin Ka Challenge by Morissette

Number of Views: 10,581,193 views

Known for her formidable ability in belting out high-ranging songs, not to mention incorporating whistles in her performances, Morissette Amon enthusiastically accepted the Unkabogable Star’s dare of singing the classic Regine Velasquez-Alcasid hit “Pangarap Ko Ang Ibigin Ka” in two different bizarre positions and while wearing a mouth guard. We already knew how hard it was, but the Asia’s Phoenix was still able to impeccably sing the song and do the whistle.

9. Richard Gutierrez, 'Anne Curtis' reunite on 'GGV'

Number of views: 9,739,353 views

Four years prior to his transfer to ABS-CBN, Richard Gutierrez already appeared in several Kapamilya shows, including GGV. In this guesting, Vice presented the three actresses who used to be his girlfriends, in which one of those is his It’s Showtime fellow mainstay Anne Curtis. While viewers assumed that he indeed invited her to come over and reunite with his ex-beau, we found ourselves fooled for it was one of her Kaloka-Likes who showed up along with stand-up comedian Negi.

10. Vice Ganda, Mario Maurer dance 'Gangnam'

Number of views: 9,711,079 views

Throughout GGV’s nine years, it’s not only local celebrities who graced the show, but foreign personalities as well. In 2012, famous Thai actor Mario Maurer appeared on the program along with Kapamilya stars Erich Gonzalez, Kakai Bautista, and Joross Gamboa, who were his co-stars in the Star Cinema romance flick “Suddenly It’s Magic.”

He taught Vice a few Thai words and in return, they taught him several Pinoy slangs the host-comedian popularized. Vice also expressed how envious he was of Kakai for Mario seemed to be smitten by her because of her sunny disposition and captivating singing voice. The handsome Thai actor also exhibited his skills in delivering pick-up lines, in dancing the Korean pop hit “Gangnam Style”, and dropping some beats just like his rapper brother Marco, who was in the studio as well.