PAANDAR 2017: 7 Funniest Vice GanDUBs on ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’

Laughter is definitely the best medicine and whether we admit it or not, watching Gandang Gabi Vice is truly addictive. Vice Ganda really knows how to tickle our funny bones that’s why for several years, GGV has truly become our vice, our favorite Sunday night habit. This year, he made fun of other Kapamilya shows by dubbing some teleseryes. Before the year comes to an end, as part of Paandar 2017, let us look back and list down the 7 funniest Vice GanDUBs of the one and only Unkabogable Star.



Vice dubbed a dramatic scene from the defunct primetime drama series My Dear Heart and turned it into a comedic one simply by replacing the lines of Heart (Heart Ramos), Bingo (Enzo Pelojero), Clara (Bela Padilla), and Jude (Zanjoe Marudo). In this version entitled “My Dear-ek Heart,” the two kids pranked and made fun of the two adults by making them do an “acting challenge.”



He also dubbed one of the most iconic scenes of the defunct daytime drama series The Greatest Love. He used different variations of his voice for the characters of the show, Paeng (Arron Villaflor), Amanda (Dimples Romana), Lizelle (Andi Eigenmann), Andrei (Matt Evans), and Gloria (Sylvia Sanchez). In this version entitled “The Greatest Labo-Labo,” the Alegre family were fighting because Paeng decided to name their house “The House” on the land title.



The Unkabogable Star made fun of the top-rating primetime drama series Wildflower and used his voice on the characters of Nathalie (Roxanne Barcelo), Ivy (Maja Salvador), Raul (Wendell Ramos), and Emilia (Aiko Melendez). In this version entitled “Wild Order,” Nathalie was enraged because Ivy bought a bola-bola siopao, instead of an asado siopao, which was her order.



He also dubbed another scene from “Wildflower” and called it “Wild Eater.” In this version, Ivy attacked Emilia after finding out that the latter was eating a lot of rice that day, even though they already had an agreement that would start dieting.



The Phenomenal Box-office Star dubbed a confrontation scene from the defunct daytime drama series The Better Half, and replaced the voices of Marco (Carlo Aquino) and Bianca (Denise Laurel). In this version entitled “The Better Gamer,” Marco immediately struck Bianca upon seeing her because he lost in the online game Everwing because she suddenly called him while he was playing.



He also poked fun using a scene from the primetime fantasy drama series La Luna Sangre, and used his voice to replace the lines of Mateo (John Lloyd Cruz), Lia (Angel Locsin), and Baristo (Joross Gamboa). In this version, Baristo brought up to Mateo the offer of Vice Ganda to make a movie with him, replacing Lia. He hesitated in accepting the project because he knew that Vice would request for a kissing scene.



Vice dubbed another scene from La Luna Sangre, and it was entitled “La Luna Girl Na.” In this version, Lia just woke up and was told that she’s finally a woman. She shared her plans of joining Bb. Pilipinas and Miss Universe. Mateo congratulated her and considered having the operation as well.

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